National Level Seminar on Optimization and Modeling Innovation for Solving Scientific Problems 2022, Nandha College of Technology, Seminar, Erode, Tamil Nadu, 20th - 21st May 2022

  • Category: Seminar
  • Start Date: 20th May 2022
  • End Date: 21st May 2022
  • Event Mode: Online
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National Level Seminar on Optimization and Modeling Innovation for Solving Scientific Problems 2022


This seminar covers a complete information about optimization and parallelization techniques for solving scientific problems.,
 1. Parallel computation for blood cell classification in medical hyper spectral imagery
 2. Medical Image Retrieval Based on the Parallelization of the Cluster Sampling Algorithm
 3. Medical imaging in clinical applications algorithmic and computer-based approaches
 4. Parallel image encryption algorithm based on discretized chaotic map
5. Parallelizing Gene Expression Programming Algorithm in Enabling Large-Scale Classification
6. Automatic Parallelization Tool
7. Parallel Computing Strategies for Irregular Algorithms
8. A high performance parallel approach to medical imaging


The objective of the seminar is to provide the participants with the context and background of handling problems related to real
time scientific applications. In recent times, there is high requirement & availability of higher solution data with higher frequency. This leads
to growth of data at tremendous rate and there is challenge to process and optimize the data in real time scenario to disseminate timely and useful
information for benefit of the society. Also, many
times data are complex in nature which results in
increased data volume. In scientific domain, we
have encountered many data crunching
problems.Notable applications for parallel
processing include computational astrophysics,
health diagnosis, geoprocessing (or seismic
surveying), climate modeling, agriculture
estimates, financial risk management, video color
correction, computational fluid dynamics, medical
imaging and drug discovery.

Contact Details

Assistant Professor, Department of CSE
Nandha College of Technology
Erode – 638 052
Mobile: 9842911200

Certificates will be provided to Participants