BioTechnology Department Fests in December 2023.

16 Upcoming College Fests

Start Date Fest Name Fest Type College Name & City
04 Dec 2023 Arduino 2023 View More Workshop, Seminar SNS College of Technology
04 Dec 2023 Arduino Robotics workshop 2023 View More Workshop, Seminar SNS College of Technology
05 Dec 2023 IGNIS’23 View More Technical, Workshop, Symposium Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
07 Dec 2023 27th International Conference on Advanced Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2023 View More Conference Allied Academies
07 Dec 2023 Unlock the Secrets of Digital Marketing 2023 View More Workshop, Webinar, Training Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
11 Dec 2023 FDP on From Pixels to Predictions: Machine Learning in Medical Imaging 2023 View More Online, FDP VIT University Chennai Campus
12 Dec 2023 International Conference on Recent Innovation in Clinical Research & Healthcare Management for Rural Development ICCRHM 2023 View More Conference Galgotias Univesity
Greater Noida
14 Dec 2023 International Conference on Material Processing using Lasers, and Surface Engineering 2023 View More Conference IIT Madras
14 Dec 2023 Two Days National Level Seminar on Research Directions on Missile Guidance Navigation and Control using artificial intelligence 2023 View More Seminar Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College
17 Dec 2023 The International Conference on Recent Innovative Techniques in Engineering, Technology, Science, and Management – ICRITETSM- 2023::(Online & Offline Mode) View More Conference IIRMSDT
18 Dec 2023 FDP on Satellite Communication 2023 View More FDP Study World College of Engineering
22 Dec 2023 Second International Conference on recent trends in Management, Engineering and Technology ICMET 2023 View More Conference Vidya VIhar Institute of Technology ( VVIT), Purnea, Bihar,India, Global Conference Hub, Coimbatore,
28 Dec 2023 KALAIMAGAL'S SHORT FLIM CONTEST-2K23 View More Cultural, Online Eera Idhayangal Organization
28 Dec 2023 Short Flim Festival 2k23 View More Cultural Kalaimagal Kalai Narpani Mandram
27 Jan 2024 IEEE National Workshop on Research Methodology 2023 View More Technical, Workshop, Seminar, FDP Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing IIITDM Kancheepuram
13 May 2024 2nd International Conference on Global Healthcare 2023 View More Conference Wyoming