Upcoming robotics Competitions in College Fests, Events in August 2022.

6 Upcoming College Fests

College Fest Name College Name robotics Events
4th International Conference on Inventive Computation and Information Technologies ICICIT 2022
25 Aug 2022 View More
RVS Technical Campus

- Parallel and Distributed Computing
- Web and Grid-based Computing
- Hybrid Computational Models
- Advanced Computing Architectures
- Computational Intelligence
- Cognitive Computing
- Soft Computing
- Social and Affective Computing
- Problem Solving Environments
- Mobile and Edge Computing
- Nano Computing
- Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics
- Ubiquitous Computing
- Sustainable Computing

- Real-Time Communication systems
- Cognitive Radio
- Emerging MIMO technologies
- Vehicle Communications
- Internet of Things
- Cyber-Physical Systems
- Computer Communications
- Next-Generation Communication Architectures
- Wireless Communication Models
- 5G Communication Networks
- Computer Communications
- Sustainable Communication and Networking
- Multimedia Communication
- Optical Communication
- Mobile Communication

- Information theory
- Artificial intelligence
- Computer Vision
- Mobile Networks
- robotics and Autonomous Agents
- Intelligent Information Systems
- Internet Technology
- Wireless Sensor Networks
- Software-Defined Networks
- Network Interoperability
- Wearable Networks
- Network virtualization
- Human-Computer Interaction
- Machine Intelligence
- Modeling and Simulation
- Information Security

International Conference on Biomedical Electronic Systems and NanoDevices ICBSN 2022
26 Sep 2022 View More
Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College

Monitoring and diagnostic devices, sensors and systems, biorobotics, nano devices and technologies including micro systems and biomaterials are some of the technologies addressed at this conference. The fabrication and application of biodevices, including wearable and implantable devices is also addressed.

6th International Conference on Electronics, Communication and Aerospace Technology ICECA 2022
01 Dec 2022 View More
RVS Technical Campus

1. Communication Technologies
2. Electronics
3. Artificial Intelligence Technology and Applications
4. robotics
5. Aerospace Technologies

World Conference on Mechanical Engineering
09 Dec 2022 View More

Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
Aero-elastic oscillations control
Aerospace vehicles
Boundary layer control
Computational algorithms
Diffusion in a turbulent jet
Fixed and cyclically pitched wings
Fluid Dynamics
Heat exchangers
Hypersonic air-breathing engines
Subsonic and supersonic flows
Unsteady aerodynamic studies
Wing tip vortices
Wings and airfoils
Bio-inspired composites
Bioengineering materials
Biological materials
Cardiovascular engineering
Catheter protection
Characterization of biological tissue
Deformation and fracture of bone
Glass and ceramics
Impact-proof windows
Implants for vocal fold alteration
Laryngeal Fows (CFD)
Mechanics of biological materials
Musculoskeletal biomechanics
Optimization of stent-like cages
Protective systems
Seashells and fish scales
Structural and multi-objective
Vascular stents and catheters
Voice production
Combustion and Energy Systems
Alternative liquid fuels
Combustion noise
Combustion of solid particles
Compressible gas dynamics
Cooling of net-book computers
Detonations and explosions
Energy Conservation
Fuel-air mixtures
Heat transfer
Heat transfer devices
Heat transfer enhancement
High-speed propulsion
Hydrogen production
Hypersonic aerodynamics
Loop heat pipes
Oblique-detonation combustion
Particle combustion in air
Porous media
Problems in combustion
Propagation mechanisms of shock waves
Renewable Energy Techniques
Shock wave physics
Super-adiabatic combustion
Thermal energy storage systems
Thermodynamics and heat transfer
Ultra-compact heat exchangers
Design and Manufacturing
Artificial Intelligence and Data-Driven Design
Biomimetic design
Cellular solids
Change management
Collaborative Design
Comminution processes
Composite materials
Computational synthesis
Concurrent engineering
Design with remote partners
Engineering Design Practice
High-speed grinding
Hybrid materials
Industrial Design
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Analysis
Laser assisted machining
Metal coating
Modeling, simulation, and optimization
Multi-scale analysis
Multi-scale analysis
Non-Traditional Machining processes
Optimum design methodology
Precision Machinery
Precision Manufacturing and Measurement
Production planning
Reliability and Maintenance Engineering
robotics and Mechatronics Systems
Selection strategies
System Engineering Design
Wear, fretting and abrasion
Dynamics and Control
Aerospace Mechatronics
Aerospace systems
Biomechanical dynamics
Contact and analytical mechanics
Dynamic System and Control
Dynamics of plates and shells
Force control
Haptic and robotic systems
Mechanical Dynamics
Multibody systems
Nonlinear dynamics
Rover systems
Space Flight Dynamics
Space Robotic systems
Space systems
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Materials and Structures
Advanced materials for MEMS
Aerospace, automotive, consumer products
Automotive Electronic Control
Automotive body panels
Bio-inspired composite materials
Cellular solids and deployable microstructures
Composite Materials
Composite airframe structures
Composite bicycle components
Fracture mechanics in natural armor systems
Helicopter component design
High performance composite structures
Machinability of Materials
Material Science and Processing
Materials Engineering
Micro-engines for energy harvesting
Micro-fuel cells
Micromechanics of deformation
Multiscale analysis
Nanocomposite thin films
Natural fiber musical instruments
Novel designs inspired by nature
Operations in extreme environments
Optimization of materials, processes, and devices
Optimizing composite fabrication processes
Polymer nanocomposites
Process modelling
Sensing and energy harvesting
Sports equipment
Ultra-light lattice materials
Vibrations, Acoustics and Fluid-Structure Interaction
Biomechanical applications
Bladed disks
Flow-induced vibrations
Fluid-structure interaction
Nonlinear dynamics of slender structures
Nonlinear rotordynamics
Nonlinear vibrations
Vibration and acoustics

International Conference on Automation, Computing and Renewable Systems ICACRS 22
13 Dec 2022 View More
Mount Zion College of Engineering and Technology

Computational Methods
robotics and Automation
Renewable Systems

6th International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems (ICISS 2023)
02 Feb 2023 View More
SCAD College of Engineering and Technology

Track - 1 : Intelligent Systems
Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
Agent and Multi Agent Systems
Intelligent Business Systems
Machine Intelligence
Computer Vision
Pattern recognition
Web Intelligence
Intelligent Software Engineering Models
Fuzzy Systems
Brain-Computer Interface
Computational Intelligence
Intelligent Search and Optimization Techniques
Mobile Computing and Intelligence
Virtual Environments
Human-Machine Interaction
Wearable Computing Systems
Intelligent Communication Systems
Intelligent information and Network Systems
Track - 2 : Sustainable Systems
Sustainable Design and Environment
Intelligent Energy Efficient Architectures
Green Data Centers
Sustainable Software Systems
Smart Resource Scheduling and Allocation
Algorithms for Reduced power and energy utilization
Real Time Systems
Sustainable Circuit Design
Low Power Electronics
Sustainable Technologies and Human Factors
Green Decision Making and Development
Next-generation Sustainability Solutions
Sustainability for Industries
Sustainable Systems and Smart Cities
Security, Trust and Privacy
IoT and Big Data based Sustainable Computing Architectures
Data Intelligence
Track - 3 : Applications
Smart Cities
Smart Cyber Physical Systems
Sustainable High Performance Systems
Sustainable Industries
Sustainable Supply Chain and Manufacturing Systems
Power Electronics
Business Intelligence
Transportation and Logistics
E-waste Analysis and Solutions
Power Aware Networking Applications