Seminars in Tamil Nadu in September 2023.

Start Date Fest Name Fest Type College Name & City
18 Oct 2023 Seminar on Design and Fabrication of Thin Film Biopatches for Detecting Bio Parameters in Human body under Noninvasive Methodology for Healthcare Applications 2023 Seminar, Bio Medical Dr NGP Institute of Technology
19 Oct 2023 Two Day National Seminar on Preparing HR for the Future AI driven Skills Development and Training Initiatives 2023 Seminar Marudhar Kesari Jain College for Women
05 Oct 2023 Two day National Seminar on “Securing Societal Welfare in the Digital Age: A Social Science Perspective on Cyber Security Challenges in India” 2023 Seminar AVC College of Engineering
09 Sep 2023 National Seminar on "First Aid in the Digital World" 2023 Seminar Excel Engineering College
11 Sep 2023 SNS COLORS 2K23 Mechatronics Technical, Seminar, Symposium, Training SNS College of Technology
26 Sep 2023 All India Seminar on Advancements, Challenges and Opportunities in Electric Vehicles 2023 Seminar Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College
08 Sep 2023 2 days CSIR Sponsored Seminar on Impact of Data Analytics in Renewable Energy Technologies: Perspective and Challenges 2023 Seminar SNS College of Engineering
04 Oct 2023 Innovative Applications of Industry 5.0 Workshop, Seminar Vellore Institute of Technology
04 Oct 2023 SRM world space week 2023 Workshop, Seminar, Webinar SRM Institute of Science and Technology Kattankulathur Campus
23 Aug 2023 Three days National Seminar on Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) inspired learning approaches using Data Analytics for Education System 2023 Seminar Ramco Institute of Technology