MBA Department Fests in August 2022.

5 Upcoming College Fests

Start Date Fest Name Fest Type College Name & City
27 Aug 2022 Second International Conference on Emerging trends on Commerce, Science, Engineering, Management and Technology ICCSEMT 2022 View More Technical, Conference Global Conference Hub Coimbatore
28 Aug 2022 Jigisha 2022 View More Technical, Cultural University of Engineering and Management Kolkata
28 Aug 2022 International Conference on Research and Development in Engineering , Data Science and Management-ICRDEDM-2022 View More Conference BLSDTE, IIRMSDT
13 Oct 2022 International Conference on Advanced Trends in Renewable Energy (ICATRE22) View More Conference Nehru Institute of Technology
28 Oct 2022 Caligo 2k22 View More Cultural, Management, Guest Lectures Marian College Kuttikanam