Kurukshetra 2013, College of Engineering Guindy Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 30th January - 2nd February 2013

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30th January 2013
End Date :
2nd February 2013
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Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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College of Engineering Guindy Anna University

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Kurukshetra 2013

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Kurukshetra is the international techno-management fest of College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University. It is the first collegiate event pan-India to attain the prestigious UNESCO patronage. Entering its 7th edition, Kurukshetra 2013 promises to be bigger and better. Kurukshetra is the brainchild of CEG Tech Forum. CEG Tech Forum aims to provide a constructive platform for the student community to share and exchange ideas through Kurukshetra. With this competitive yet healthy environment, the brightest brains across India enter the battle of brains. Kurukshetra 2013 encompasses a wide variety of events and workshop which cater to the interests of students from both the engineering and management streams. The four day extravaganza has prizes up to 1 Million (in Toto) awaiting the participants.


Calling all brilliant breeds and creative creeds! There is a wide gamut of events in store in Kurukshetra. This year, Kurukshetra 2013 is no different. Kurukshetra events can be primarily classified under “Robotics”, “Engineering”, “Management”, “Coding”, “General”, “Quizzes” and last but not the least “Online”. The flagship events include Robowars, Pirates of K! Designer’s Quest, God Speed, Contraption, Tech Xplore, Leyland Innovate, Chaos Theory, Onsite Debugging + Reverse Engg, Heptathlon, Auto Quiz, Riddles of the Sphinx, Dalal Bull The highlight workshops include Pre Kurukshetra Workshops: Printed Electronics(First time in Asia) (dates: Jan 27-29) Energy Scavenging(First time in Asia),( Jan 24-26) Rammed Earth Construction(First time in Asia),(Jan 30-Feb 2) Workshops on days of Kurukshetra. NoSQL, HTML 5 The list is endless. For further details, kindly visit the Events, Workshops, and Guest Lectures pages of Kurukshetra. Highlights Kurukshetra draws 25000+ participants from over 120+ countries and 1200+ colleges. This year, the


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