BootCamp: Mini Startup Accelerator cum B-Plan Competition E-Summit 2021, IIT Madras, Entrepreneurship Summit, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 17th January - 14th March 2021

  • Category: Entrepreneurship Summit
  • Start Date: 17th January 2021
  • End Date: 14th March 2021
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BootCamp: Mini Startup Accelerator cum B-Plan Competition E-Summit 2021


What is BootCamp?
Bootcamp is a four-week-long, Mini Startup Accelerator cum B-Plan Competition that provides early-stage startups with the requisite expertise and skills to make it big in the outside world.

Bootcamp works through a carefully designed mixture of workshops and startup-specific mentoring that imparts knowledge efficiently. It focusses on participatory learning and interaction within the cohort to push the limits of startups, generate new perspectives and nudge founders to be proactive leaders while equipping them with vital social skills necessary to mobilize people and resources. The prospective outcome of Bootcamp is a cohort of well-developed startups with a viable Business Plan who are ready for Incubation.

Our Vision
Ideas are critical; but execution is the key. With 1.3 billion people, India faces no shortage of ideas nor human capital. It’s the elusiveness of resources and lack of the initial push towards actualizing an idea that holds us down. Bootcamp seeks to solve this very problem and brings ideas closer to reality.


BootCamp: Mini Startup Accelerator cum B-Plan Competition


Total Prize Pool of 2 Lakhs.

Professional one-on-one mentoring by industry experts.

Receive professional training on multiple key facets of entrepreneurship.

Startup Services
Best performers will receive legal and technical guidance and support.

Networking opportunities for all applicants with VCs, angel investors, founders and fellow teams.

Media Coverage
Opportunity for promising startups to get featured on popular media platforms and E-Cell IITM handles and newsletters.

Fundraising Opportunities
Top three teams will receive free passes to external fundraising rounds hosted by VCs. Teams may also receive funding opportunities directly from the Finale Pitch.

Incubation Opportunities
Opportunities for teams to get incubated in professional Incubators. Outstanding individuals may also be invited to Entrepreneur-in-Residence programs.

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Every year, the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Madras plays host to the Entrepreneurship Summit which looks at innovation and entrepreneurship as a proc

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Sustain to Attain

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Event Sponsors in Chennai

Ecosystem Partner : IITM Incubation cell

Fundraising Sponsor : STARTUPSINDIA

Incubation Support: Kindle VC

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