Shaastra 2019, IIT Madras, Technical Festival, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 3rd - 6th January 2019

  • Category: Technical Festival
  • Start Date: 3rd January 2019
  • End Date: 6th January 2019
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Shaastra 2019


Being the first in the world to be ISO 9001:2015 certified, wholly student run tech festival, SHAASTRA stands out from the rest in being the largest and one of the most unique tech festivals ever celebrated in India and the world. All of this fueled by our seamless passion: the “Spirit of Engineering”. At Shaastra, we believe learning should be made as easy as possible and as a part of that endeavor, we present you with a set of workshops designed to equip tech-savvy students (or anyone who is interested) with the basics in their chosen subject, along with an overall picture of how the field is doing in the contemporary world, and what scope it has in the future.


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Robotics Workshops:

Here is a chance for you to pick up handy technical skills at one of our robotics workshops! We present you with a set of workshops designed to equip tech-savvy students (or anyone who is interested) with the basics in robotics. You will end up going home with an interesting working prototype. Our robotics workshops include:-
• RC Jumper Workshop
• Chem-E-Car
• Agrobots
• Robotic Process Automation

RC Jumper Workshop
The RC Jumper jumps through the obstacles using its cams and springs mechanism. Its unique anti toppling feature brings it back straight. Chases, Slaloms or acrobatics it's in the domain of our BOT. What if you can make one!
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Ever wondered if you can design YOUR OWN miniature vehicle? Ever imagined how a car runs by means of chemical reactions? Learn how to build one in this workshop
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At the end of workshop, you are expected build an wheeled autonomous robot which would harvest the fruits successfully without damaging the tree.
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Robotic Process Automation
Robotic process automation (or RPA) is based on the notion of software robots or artificial intelligence (AI) workers. Course Content:- Dotnet Fundamentals, Workflow Design, Sequence Design, State Design, Automation, Activities Overview, Bot Setup, Bot Deployment
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How to reach IIT Madras, Chennai

Indian Institute of Technology Madras
IIT P.O., Chennai 600 036

You can reach IIT Madras through the following gate:

Main Gate (in and out) : Opposite to C.L.R.I and beside The Adyar Cancer Institute, on Sardar Patel Road, Adyar, Chennai.