Kaushalyam.Org Ver.5.1, Maharashtra Institute of Technology Aurangabad, Regional Conference, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, 2nd February 2020

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Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
2nd February 2020
End Date :
2nd February 2020
Location :
Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Organizer :
Maharashtra Institute of Technology Aurangabad
Category :
Regional Conference
Kaushalyam.Org Ver.5.1

About Event

Major highlighted points to be covered during conference:-

- Current scenario in education upto HSC and related impact on higher studies.
- Existing GAPs due to differences in career based and traditional education system.
- A play to showcase, what is happening with students running in rat race.
- Ways to stop, rapid commercialization of educational system and policies.
- Competition, peer expectation and experiment on students self-esteem.
- Ways to empower in-house system of institutions with guided roadmaps.
- Mental health and students growth in today's environment.
- and many more topics are going to be covered during conference.


- A Play showcasing current scenario on students and related pressure on parents.
- Guest Speakers from various fields eg. Industry Stalwarts, Deans, Directors, Faculties, Principals, Education Officers, Executives, Government Agencies & other interested Stakeholders.
- A discussion forum on current trends in education.
- Networking session.
- Participating certificates will be distributed.

PPT Topics

1. Ways to empower institutes in academics, mindset, mentorship and competition domains.
2. How to stop rapid commercialization of education on the name of competitive exams preparation.

Event Theme

Empowering Institutes


CSE ECE IT EEE Civil Chemical Agricultural Medical Pharmacy Arts BioTechnology MBA MCA Commerce Law BioMedical Mechanics Aeronautical Aerospace Design Fashion Media BBA


Kunal Patil

How to reach Maharashtra Institute of Technology Aurangabad

Beed Bypass Road, Satara Village Road, Aurangabad-431010, Maharashtra State, INDIA

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Kunal Patil

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