Mindkraft 18, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Techno Management Festival, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 15th - 17th March 2018

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Category :
Techno Management Festival
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Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
15th March 2018
End Date :
17th March 2018
Location :
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences
Mindkraft 18

About Event

Mindkraft is a Techno management festival conducted at Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences. It is a colloquium where ideas shake hands with innovations, a platform where vicissitude is a part of prosperity and progress.
Being an Annual tech-fest, Mindkraft brings the best out of youth. This prodigious occasion provides an opportunity for students from various reputed institutions to share opinions, ideas and conceptions on various discoveries on a national basis. Mindkraft provides platform for future engineers, scientists, technologists, managers, innovators, to join together to interact and showcase their skills. Technical activities include contests in robot-based events, computer programming, and gaming media related events such as photography and film making, code-red, bridge-it, software designing and many more. Karunya has been privileged by the visit of eminent personalities like
Y. S. Rajan from Indian Space Research Organisation, Dr. C. Chandramouli IAS, Paul C. Salons - Medical Director and Vice President of Narayana Hrudayalaya Multi Speciality Hospital ; Mr. Nagarajaprakasam MD of Angel Investors and Mr. Selvinson S.J.S Senior Vice President from Reliance JIO. This colossal event conducted every year is sponsored by many famed organizations and large scale industries like The Hindu, ITC, TMB, Syndicate Bank, and Coca-Cola. Reputed companies like CISCO, IBM, ORACLE, Salzar, and Accenture sponsored Mindkraft so far. The seeds of this event were sown in 2007, and the branches still bear fresh leaves every year. It started with the thought, "to live what you learn". The vision of this was to uphold humanness to technical excellence. Karunya has witnessed breath-taking events during Mindkraft in the years that flew aka, Air show hosted by the Indian Air Force. Science village was one of the events worth attending in the boat of Mindkraft that sailed so far, which included technical exhibition.
World expects reactions rather than response. You earn it in a unique way. Thirst for science. Rage for science. A unique extravaganza.....
Presenting Mindkraft 2k18 - Zenith of intelligence.


Agrovative Minds
Automazioni – The Smart Initiative
Bio Brainiac
Bio Decode Wizard
Bug Hunting
CAD Modeling
Camera Exhibition
Cash of Crops
Chem Speed 2018
CIBO Curiosita
Code Wars
CuiZine Presento 2k18
Cyborg (Automat)
Elite Students Conclave
Esoteric Conquerer
Food Thoughts
G-Map Contest
Geeks On Web
Heartbeat of KITS
Info Swank
Lathe & Welding War
MATLAB Debugging
Mini UAV Competition
Mr/Ms Technico
Paper Presentation (Bio Technology)
Paper Presentation (EEE)
Paper Presentation (Nano Science)
Poster Presentation
Short Film Competition
Smartcity Hackathon With IoT Enabled Solutions
Sowing from Satellite
Sprouted Brains
Technical Quiz
The Story of A Photoholic
Vaikaalthagararu / வாய்க்கால்தகராறு
Water Rocket


1. Application of Chromatographic Techniques in Chemistry and Biological Sciences, 3D Animation Modelling
2. Workshop on Molecular Medicine and CADD
3. Data Science in Python
4. Nano Structure Devices Fabrication
5. System Administration
6. Two-Day Course on Drone Piloting
7. Training on Fourier Transforms Using MATLAB
8. Digital Marketing
9. Nano-Mechanical Property Analysis
10. Application of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems in Automobiles
11. Deep Learning
12. Hands on Training on Material Preparation and Characterization
13. Newest Horticulture Approaches
14. Advanced Modelling and Design Using Solid Works 2016
15. Job Opportunities in PSUs
16. Product Manufacturing Workshop
17. Home Automation System
18. Workshop on Photography and Cinematography
19. Novel Innovative Technologies Adopted in Agriculture
20. Recent Issues in Agriculture
21. Construction Errors and Remedial Methods
22. HPLC Hands on Training
23. Workshop on Industrial Training
24. IBM Watson Machine Learning Cognitive Computing
25. 3D Printing
26. Data Analysis Using R Software

PPT Topics

Bio Technology
1. Bio Sciences
2. Chemical Sciences
3. Environmental Science

1. Advancements in Inverter Technology for Industrial Applications
2. Wireless power theft monitoring
3. Artificial intelligence in power station
4. Automated Advanced Distribution System
5. Advanced Signal Processing Schemes for Power Line Communication
6. DSP (Digital Signal Process) based Motor Control System
7. Application of micro-controller in vehicle monitoring and security system Automatic Solar Tracker
8. Advanced Signal Processing Schemes for Power Line Communication
9. Brushless Motors
10. Hybrid electric vehicles
11. Renewable Energy Sources Smart Grids
12. Harmonic reduction solutions in grids
13. Any innovative idea related to electrical and electronics

Nano Technology
1. Nanomaterials and nanocomposites.
2. Scanning probe microscopy.
3. Nanoelectronics.
4. MEMs and NEMs.
5. Solar energy and fuel cells.
6. Nanofabrications.
7. Nanobiotechnology.
8. Nanobiomaterials.
9. Nanophotonics.
10. Nanosensors and devices.
11. Nanomedicine.
12. Green nanotechnology and drug delivery.
13. Electrochemistry in nanotechnology.

Mechanical And Aerospace (PaperMania)
1. Energy (Renewable/Non Renewable)
2. Ergonomic Health Care (Design/Accidental prevention)
3. Green Manufacturing (Reuse/Disassembly/Re-manufacture)

Event Caption

The Engineers Contrivance

Event Theme

Zenith of intelligence


CSE ECE IT EEE Instrumentation Mechanical Civil Agricultural Energy BioTechnology BioMedical Aeronautical Automobile Design Media Food


Dear external participants for MINDKRAFT 2k18, we are pleased to inform that your accommodation will be arranged at Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences during the course of MINDKRAFT 2k18 at a very nominal fare which is inclusive of meals (refer event webpage). The provided accommodation will be within the Karunya Campus and hence will spare you travelling worries.
The pleasant climate in the Karunya campus will make you feel at home and at ease with the surroundings. As your hosts we’re excited to have you and wish you a wonderful stay and an enjoyable, rejuvenating experience in Karunya.
Rooms are subject to demand and will be allotted on first come first serve basis.

Mr. Vignesh – Student Coordinator
+91 97910 82989

Event Sponsors in Coimbatore

Syndicate Bank
Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank

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