Rotaract Entertainment Destination 2012, Rotaract District 3140, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 1st - 2nd December 2012

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Start Date :
1st December 2012
End Date :
2nd December 2012
Location :
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Rotaract District 3140

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Rotaract Entertainment Destination 2012

About Event

National level youth movement Rotaract district 3140! - The largest youth movement in Mumbai. Youth filled with energy, passion, enthusiasm and motivated to do something better than the best. Rotaract Entertainment Destination is one of the biggest club service event in RI District 3140. 6 zones 100+ clubs from all over the city, over 5000 Rotaractors, all coming together to create an atmosphere so extraordinary that every moment creates nostalgia for every individual for the many years to come. With organizational skills attained at the base club level Rotaractors from Ambarnath to Churchgate who come together to create magic, to create memories, to create smiles , to create a festival called RED. A symbol of love- RED brings together Rotaractors from various parts of the city to bond and to create memories A symbol of war-RED is a place where the 6 zones battle it out for victory but all with the best of sports men spirit. ROTARACT ENTERTAINMENT DESTINATION will be a 2 day festival including events from the genre of Literary Arts, Fine Arts and Performing Arts.


Theme for Rotaract Entertainment Destination: - From themes like ‘Mix’ to ‘Desi’ to ‘Around the world’ now Rotaract Entertainment Destination is in the wind for making ‘History’. And we invite you to be a part of stamping Rotaract District 3140’s timeline with our historic event this year. The theme is alarming of the textbook learning and long lectures we received back in school, but at RED 2012 the aim is to revive the ‘History of India’ onto the sets of RED 2012 through its vibrant performances and ornate, almost real - décor. We as Rotaractors toil for the betterment of our society and its upliftment each day of the year, but with 65 years of Independence this year it’s time we celebrate the long struggle, growth, freedom, patriotism and everything that makes our country’s history rich and victorious, loved and strong. At the largest festival of the biggest youth movement in the city, Shivaji Maharaj, King Ashoka, Mahatma Gandhi, The Mughals, The Lodis, The British, Bhagat Singh, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Chandrashekhar Azad and Jawaharlal Nehru will all travel to December 1st and 2nd meeting the present to make History Again


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