National Level Conference on Robotics for National Educational Policy 2020, SreeNidhi Institute of Science and Technology SNIST, National Level Conference, Hyderabad, Telangana, 5th - 15th October 2020

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  • Start Date: 5th October 2020
  • End Date: 15th October 2020
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National Level Conference on Robotics for National Educational Policy 2020


"China has emerged as one of the super power very rapidly due to its Manufacturing sector, which contributes most of its GDP"
India is making its efforts to bring up new start ups through 'Make In India' initiative. It is ultimately the manufacturing sector, which boosts the economy.
Manufacturing sector not only boosts the GDP but offers a wide range of employment. Technically, Manufacturing sector includes "Industry & Automation" , Industry & Automation involves Robotics. So there's an indirect relation.
The point is, any how our Education Policy has been changed after 34 years. We believe bringing the Robotics into the Primary Education sector boosts a student's creativity and imagination. More importantly it'll be a new era of employment opportunities.
So we are going to host a National Level Conference on this topic - "Robotics for NEP-2020" #NationalEducationPolicy, with the tagline "Bringing the top minds together for the nation".

Not many know the role of Robotics, not all can relate the things. Here we ignite the minds of the people with this event. The event anyhow we planned as participant-friendly with two rounds in it. In the qualifying round, we give them guidelines to write a descriptive essay. The reason is, students don't know the importance, so this qualifying round gives some time for the students to research on the topic.
In the final round, we'll take their research work and their opinions over the topic. As they have done enough research by then, we take suggestions on various ways to implement this wonderful idea of National Education Policy- 2020 successfully all over the nation.This is the whole event.
Eligibility Criteria: Any candidate pursuing their schooling (6th Grade to 12th Grade)/ UG/ PG/ Ph.d or any other degree can participate.



In this round,the Participant will need to
1) Research the things related to
Scope of robotics in India
Future of robotics in India
Education system in various developed Nations
Understand the relation between GDP, Industry and Service Sectors and employment situation in the country and
2) Analyse the problems in the current system.
Suggest the implementation possibilities considering the problems of rural students,GER(Gross Enrollment Ratio)at higher education and other major factors
The participant will need to put their Research and Analysis work in a document a send it to

The top performers in Qualifying Round will win a chance to participate in the talks by Robotics experts from the industry regarding:
The problems encountered during their initial days.
Skills required for an engineering graduate to seek employment in their companies.
Suggestions to match the industry/corporate needs in the new education policy.
After the talks, the participants need to reanalyse their findings and adjust their observations in line with the rulebook that will be provided by us.
The participants need to present their work in front of the chief guests in the final round.
The best performing participants will be rewarded and their final draft will be compiled and submitted to MHRD.

The top participants should prepare a presentation and give a pitch covering following topics:
1) Suggest an effective implementation strategy of NEP-2020 as a whole, with Robotics being a key part of the overall curriculum?
2) What impact will robotics have on students if taught in high school?
3) What is the scope of Robotics in India?
4) What are the educational policies related to Robotics in other developed nations? (Similar to Round 1 but with specific analysis and examples backed with data.)
5) Do you support Robotics being included in curriculum?



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Bringing up the top minds of the nation.The First Ever Conference on National Educational Policy 2020

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