1st Shaastra Research Conference, IIT Madras, Conference, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 5th - 6th January 2018

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  • Start Date: 5th January 2018
  • End Date: 6th January 2018
  • Event Mode: Venue
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1st Shaastra Research Conference


The 1st Shaastra Research Conference(1st SRC - 2018) on Smart and Sustainable Future, is a national student run conference organized by Shaastra, IIT Madras. SRC will bring together students, researchers, academicians and industry experts to discuss and exchange their ideas towards building a smart and sustainable future.

The conference is a two day event during Shaastra 2018, the annual student run technical festival of IIT Madras. The conference features oral presentation by the participants spread over four session, keynote lectures and plenary talks by eminent researchers and speakers and exclusive Industry Interaction Sessions with experts from the industry.

Happening alongside Shaastra allows visitors to the conference to also witness and experience some of the highlights in Shaastra 2018 - Envisage 6.0, Shaastra’s techno entertainment show on one day and a professional show on the other.


Research Conference, Interactive session with industrial experts in the field


Industry Interaction Sessions

The 1st SRC will host an Industry Interaction Session (SRC-IIS), consisting of lectures sessions and one-on-one interaction sessions with experts from the industry. The session is aimed at allowing interaction between industry and fellow researchers. The SRC-IIS is aimed at bringing together researchers and industries together to allow seamless integration between lab and field.

This interaction session will provide the participants with a unique opportunity to understand the research needs in industry. A match between the researcher and the companies needs will also enable possible collaborative work and possible internship or projects.

Paper Presentation Topics


The conference invites presentation on four fundamental tracks

Energy: Energy demands are growing at a tremendous rate while renewable resources are depleting faster than ever. The world has shifted focus to renewables in the recent past, however we are still a long way from attaining independence from renewables. This tracks aims to identify the advances in the area of energy, right from its source to transmission to its final end use.
Environment and Agriculture: The major focus of this track is to be cognizant of the changes in our environment and its detrimental effects. There is an urgency in taking corrective measures to ensure a safe living environment for all inhabitants of earth. Feeding the ever increasing populace will become a nightmare as the agricultural lands shrink. This track also looks at sustainable advances in agriculture and the role of science and technology in.
Urbanization, Industries and Transportation: This track is aimed at solving key issues in ensuring a sustainable habitat. We attempt to identify means for sustainable improvement in overall quality of life and understand its socio economic impact.
Technology in Healthcare: Human health and life expectancy owes a lot to advancement in the field of medicine. However technology has played and will continue to play a major role in the advance of medical science. This track aims to identify opportunities and advances in the field of healthcare that are brought about through the use of technology.

Fest Guests

Prominent Industry experts, Academia and also key notes across globe

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Take the Leap

Event Theme

Smart and Sustainable Future


will be provided for all the participants inside the campus in hostels/guest house for delegates

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