APOGEE BITS Pilani 2024, Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences BITS Pilani, Technical Festival, Pilani, Rajasthan, 4th - 7th April 2024

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Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
4th April 2024
End Date :
7th April 2024
Location :
Pilani, Rajasthan
Organizer :
Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences BITS Pilani
Category :
Technical Festival
APOGEE BITS Pilani 2024

About Event

BITS Pilani is back with the 42nd edition of APOGEE (A Professions-Oriented Gathering Over Educational Experiences) - the institute's annual technical extravaganza, from 4th April to 7th April, 2023, this time as A Celestial Epiphany! Certainly! In a future where humanity has reached out to the stars and established colonies on distant planets and moons, a renowned group of astrophysicists, astronomers, and space explorers gathers for an extraordinary event known as "Celestial Epiphany." This annual convention is dedicated to celebrating the profound moments of insight and discovery in the field of space exploration and astronomy.

The event unfolds on a space station that orbits a breathtaking exoplanet, offering a panoramic view of the cosmic wonders beyond. Attendees include scientists, researchers, astronauts, and space enthusiasts from all corners of the galaxy.

As the event kicks off, attendees share their most remarkable discoveries and epiphanies from their cosmic journeys. They present findings about the potential for life on distant exoplanets, breakthroughs in propulsion technologies, and the secrets hidden within the cosmic microwave background radiation.

One particularly inspiring keynote speaker, a veteran astronaut, recounts their transformative experience witnessing the birth of a star within a distant nebula. The audience is captivated as they describe the sense of awe and understanding that washed over them during this celestial event.

Throughout "Celestial Epiphany," attendees engage in workshops, panel discussions, and stargazing sessions, fostering collaboration and igniting new ideas for the future of space exploration. Amidst the backdrop of the cosmos, attendees leave with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to push the boundaries of human knowledge and embark on new cosmic journeys.

"Celestial Epiphany" serves as a reminder of the boundless wonders of the universe and the collective human spirit's ability to have profound insights and revelations in the pursuit of understanding the cosmos.


Kernel Events: Microdrone Workshop, RobotsAtWar, IDRL Night Drone Race, Stock Market Simulation, Robo Olympics, Drone Programming Challenge and more...
Business and Finance Events: Financial Modelling Case, Bidwisser (Cricket Auction Simulator), Financial Bluff, Quantaculus and more...
Science Events: Mars Rover Prototype Presentation, Murder Mystery, Dexter's Lab + Escape Room, Chem-E-Jeopardy, Gambling Mathematics

Coding and Computer Science Events: ML Codeathon, Web Designing, DeCrypt (Reverse Coding), DataGeddon, Blind Coding, and more...
Mechanical Engineering Events: Arduino Challenge, Robo Soccer, Hydraulic Arm, CAD-a-thon and more...


MicroDrone, Astro Photography, Video Editing, Data Science, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, AR-VR, Robotics

Event Guests

Past Speakers: Rakesh Sharma, Alan Emtage, APJ Abdul Kalam, Jairam Ramesh, Kailash Satyarthi, Rahul Bose, Simon Taufel, Ashwin Sanghi and more

Event Theme

Event Theme

Celestial Epiphany


CSE ECE IT EEE Instrumentation Mechanical Civil Chemical Energy Metallurgy Industrial Commerce Telecommunication Physics Mechanics Aeronautical Aerospace Material Mining Automobile Design

How to reach Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences BITS Pilani

By Train: Loharu Railway Station is the nearest station which is connected to Delhi
By Road: It is 190 km away from Delhi and 225 km away from Jaipur

Certificates will be provided to Participants

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