Pitcher Perfect 2021, IIM Bangalore, Entrepreneurship Summit, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 30th July - 22nd August 2021

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Entrepreneurship Summit
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30th July 2021
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22nd August 2021
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Bengaluru, Karnataka
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IIM Bangalore

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Pitcher Perfect 2021

About Event

Do you believe that your start-up can revolutionize the health or education sector? Do you believe that you have the next-gen idea that can help solve widespread health and literacy issues? Do you believe your start-up has what it takes to make an impact on society? If yes, then this is your chance to pitch your innovative ideas to top investors/VCs and raise seed funding worth INR 1 Crore+ at Pitcher Perfect 2021.

Post three successful seasons, we have launched the fourth season of Pitcher Perfect. This year’s event is designed to push our collective thinking, encourage start-ups and investors to take risks, and explore innovative & impactful ideas to solve issues prevalent in the sectors of healthcare and education. To make the event more transparent and fairer, we plan to conduct independent, professional, and detailed due diligence. Our goal is to fuel and reward the entrepreneurial spirit in a fun, safe setting by suspending the typical grantor/grantee dynamics and make the world a better place.

Eligibility Criteria
• The startup should be working in the Health & Wellness or Education sector (only for-profit start-ups are eligible).
• The startup should have validated the business model with proof of revenue (only revenue-generating start-ups are eligible).

Please ensure that the above eligibility criteria are strongly adhered to. Any non-adherence will lead to disqualification.

Evaluation Criteria
All three rounds will be judged on the following criteria:

Innovation and Impact: Pitcher Perfect focuses on drawing out new business ideas that have the potential to bring a change in society, thus, the core idea and associated impact itself is of elevated importance.
Demonstration of Competitive Advantage: Each start-up will probably have businesses competing directly or indirectly with it. Each pitch is expected to acknowledge these competitors and explain what would set its own company apart. If there are no competitors, the pitch is expected to explain why the market is empty and how they can successfully grow.
Proof of Revenue: Even the best products or services fail as businesses if nobody wants to buy them. Therefore, each pitch is expected to clearly demonstrate a profitable group of people that have bought the product/service.
Feasibility, Scalability, and Sustainability: Finally, for any start-up to be successful, the start-up idea should be well thought through and viable as a business. The focus will be to identify start-ups that are scalable and sustainable.
Evaluation Process: The judging panel for all three rounds will comprise of relevant stakeholders from the start-up ecosystem (successful entrepreneurs, incubation professionals, consultants, investors, VCs). Please note that at any point in time, the decision of the judges/organizing team will be final and binding.

Submission Details:

Round 1 (Pitch Deck Submissions by Start-ups):
Submission Deadline: June 30, 2021, 11:59 PM
Deliverable Format: PDF/PPT (max 11 slides including Cover Slide)
Submission via D2C: File Name: Eximius21_Pitcher Perfect_H&E_R 1_
Round 2 (Due-Diligence):
Deadline: Short-listed start-ups will be contacted directly. Any document/detail that is requested, should be strictly reverted in 48 hours.
Deliverable Format: PDF/PPT/Excel/Other (as applicable)
Submission via D2C: File Name: Eximius21_Pitcher Perfect_H&E_R 1_
Round 1 & 2 (Combined) Results: July 31, 2021
Round 3 (Final Pitch – to be held at IIM Bangalore):
Final Pitch: August 21-22, 2021
Investment Decision Results: On-spot
Please note that deadlines and formats are sacrosanct. Non-adherence will lead to disqualification.

While the organizing team will ensure their best to make the competition as transparent and fair as possible; in case of any discrepancy, the decision of the organizing team will be final and binding.

Stages and Timelines:
Round 1
Each participating start-up will submit a pitch deck – Total of 11 slides in the main section as specified below (any additional details can be added in the Appendix section): Please note that any deviation in the below format will lead to a disqualification. • Slide 1: Cover Slide • Slide 2: Team • Slide 3: Product/Service (problem being addressed, solution/offerings) • Slide 4: Customers (customer segments, customer validation done (if any)) • Slide 5: Market Assessment (market size/potential) • Slide 6: Competitive Assessment (competitors, value proposition/USP) • Slide 7: Business Model (operating model, revenue model, sales & distribution model) • Slide 8: Financials (cost, revenue, break-even, future projections, financing required) • Slide 9: Current Start-up Status • Slide 10: Execution Plan/Go-forward Strategy • Slide 11: Social Impact Assessment & Measurement (Key metrics used to measure impact)
01 Jun’21 12:00 AM IST – 07 Jul’21 11:59 PM IST

Round 2
Based on Round 1 submissions, few start-ups will be shortlisted, and the organizing team in collaboration with a third-party will further conduct preliminary due diligence to validate start-up pitch/claims. Start-ups should be ready to share additional details such as proof of revenue, details on financials, etc. as requested by the organizing team for successful execution of the round.
08 Jul’21 12:00 AM IST – 31 Jul’21 11:59 PM IST

Round 3
All the start-ups that successfully clear due diligence round will get an opportunity to pitch their ideas to the investors. • Each start-up will have 10 mins for the pitch (hard limit), followed by 8 mins of Q&A with the investors, who are free to ask for any clarification/justification they need. • Visual aids are allowed in the final round.
21 Aug’21 10:00 AM IST – 22 Aug’21 05:30 PM IST



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IIMB’s version of Shark Tank


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