Incubation Program 2019, Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr Sagunthala R and D Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 15th November 2019 - 31st March 2020

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Venue/Offline Mode
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15th November 2019
End Date :
31st March 2020
Location :
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr Sagunthala R and D Institute of Science and Technology
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Incubation Program
Incubation Program 2019

About Event

Vel Tech Technology Business Incubator (Vel Tech TBI) is an initiative supported by the Department of Science & Technology, India. Vel Tech TBI has created an ecosystem for innovations including Incubation centre and other initiatives for creation, transfer of knowledge and a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem working across various areas of opportunity including Digital technology (ICT), Mechanical, e-waste, Bio-tech, edu-tech, agri-tech, environmental tech, 3D Printing, E-Commerce etc.

The Veltech TBI Ecosystem is rich in diversity with startups{Student & Alumni and external}, mentors, investors (Angel and VC’s), Trainers, thought leaders in various areas, people from industry bodies, corporate MD’s, CXO’s, People who assist in company formation (CS Professionals), Chartered Accountants, Industry professionals, various service providers, etc.


8 Ways one can engage with Vel Tech TBI:

1. Startup Incubatee

§ Incubation space (Plug and Play workspace in the premises (4 seats) (free for 18 months)

§ Internet facility, with complete office amenities

§ Support for legal and financial advice by empanelled consultants

§ Guidance and support for filing patents

§ Interactive workshops with Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists

§ Credits from strategic partners like Amazon, Zoho, Google and RBL Bank to the startups

§ Marketing and sales support through various conferences, participation in exhibitions by showcasing using a stall, social media promotion, industry delegations to big companies who may use startup’s products and services etc

§ Student Interns who are willing to work with these startups on specific research, product building, and market research areas for shorter periods of time.

2. Financial Support to Incubatees

§ Financial Support to make ideas to prototype (Rs.10 Lakhs through NIDHI PRAYAS Scheme)

§ Seed fund up to 50 Lakhs (Convertible debt)

3. Mentor

§ Mentoring support and venture funding linkages (Mentors from Stanford, Google, Silicon Valley, Professors teaching at Harvard, Oxford, Sr- Executives from UK, VC’s from Singapore, Serial entrepreneurs from India)

§ If you have long experience of industry experience, domain/technology expertise, entrepreneurship experience, one can be enrolled as a mentor to Vel Tech TBI incubates.

4. Thrust Area Equipment Support to Incubatees

§ Equipment Support subsidized rates include Digital services & Products (Centre of Excellence on AI / ML / DL), 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, E-waste & Plastic waste management, Core Manufacturing, biotechnology, Automobile Technology, Renewable Energy, Agriculture Unmanned Aerial Technology, etc.

5. Investor

§ Since Vel Tech TBI contains various interesting ideas and business models, one can be an investor on some of these ideas.

6. Evangelist

§ Be connected with Vel Tech TBI and evangelize the various elements of TBI to the social media contacts in Face book, Twitter, Linked-in, etc..

7. Partner

§ Since the incubates are potentially the seeds of future large enterprises, partners like Google, Amazon, ZOHO and RBL Bank are providing various offers to help startups to survive and scale. In the future, these startups will be major evangelists of those who helped them with great.

8. Customer of our Incubatees Products and Services

§ Incubatees are rendering various products and services to the world and one can be a potential user of some of the products and services originating from Vel Tech TBI startups.

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How to reach Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr Sagunthala R and D Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai

Vel Tech Technology Incubator (Vel Tech TBI)  No-42, Avadi - Vel Tech Road, Vel Nagar,  Avadi, Chennai-600062, Tamil Nadu, India.

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