Future Leaders Program 2017, XLRI Xavier School of Management, Youth Summit, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, 17th - 19th November 2017

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Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
17th November 2017
End Date :
19th November 2017
Location :
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
Organizer :
XLRI Xavier School of Management
Category :
Youth Summit
Future Leaders Program 2017

About Event

XLRIs annual fest, Ensemble-Valhalla, is proud to present to you the Future Leaders Program (FLP) 2017!

FLP is XLRIs annual event that aims to foster and cultivate leadership qualities in Indian youth. With ever-changing domestic and global environments, it is crucial that their leadership skills are seeded and honed from a young age itself. In alignment with this belief of catching them young, FLP invites applications from 11th, 12th and undergraduate students.

With its rich heritage and resources pertaining to management pedagogy, XLRI aims to equip the students with the necessary skills for the future, not only to shape their careers but also to shape the community as a whole.

What the program has to offer

FLP will be held between the 17th-19th November 2017, featuring renowned coaches in the realm of:
1. Career counselling
2. Leadership skills
3. Entrepreneurship skill development
4. Business School Fundamentals

Participants will be involved in engaging activities that would equip them with concrete skill sets as key takeaways. The event will culminate with a live simulation exercise that would serve as a platform to exercise the acquired knowledge across the span of the course.

Key Takeaways
1. Problem identification and rectification skills
2. Communication and leadership skill development
3. Team building and Networking

Registrants of FLP will have full access to the Ensemble-Valhalla pro-shows featuring world-class artists performing between 17th-19th November 2017.

Rules for Registrations

1. Evaluation of applications will be based on the responses to the questions in the registration form subsequent to which the selected students will be notified

2. The selected students will have to take part in sessions on all three days in order to get a certificate of successful completion

Registration form
Register on the following link: FLP Registration

Program Fee (after selection)

Course fee without accommodation: INR 499
Course fee with accommodation: INR 899

(Food shall be provided for all participants during the course)

Contact Details
Do visit our facebook page @ the following URL: https://www.facebook.com/FLPatXLRI/
Ensemble-Valhalla website: http://xlri-ensemble.com/
Ensemble-Valhalla facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/XlriEnsemble/

Mail your queries to: sacjr@xlri.ac.in

Registration form
Register on the following link: FLP Registration

For further queries
For any further queries, you may reach out to the following members:

Deepika Rawal: 9049480721
Dinesh Sukumar: 7022039089
Manvi Bhatia: 9871524615


1. Career counselling
2. Leadership skills
3. Entrepreneurship skill development
4. Business School Fundamentals


CSE ECE IT EEE Civil Chemical Agricultural Medical Pharmacy Arts BioTechnology MBA MCA Commerce Law BioMedical Mechanics Aeronautical Aerospace Design Fashion Media BBA

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