KRIDA-YANTHRIK 2K17, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Techno Sport Event, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 25th September 2017

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Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
25th September 2017
End Date :
25th September 2017
Location :
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
Rajalakshmi Engineering College
Category :
Techno Sport Event

About Event

A techno-sport event conducted in Rajalakshmi Engineering College every year, This event mainly focuses on the technicality in sports. A lot of sports are being played across the globe but they are not being analysed. Every sport has some science behind it and without science there is no Engineering.


Technical Events :
1. Shark tank (Be intelligent like a shark and take the stage to present your techno-sport paper!)

2. Sportackle - Quiz (Where a smart answer won't get you fired!)

3. Extrude cut - CAD modelling (Your perspective sketch can make a difference tomorrow!)
Event sponsored by Diagonal CAD
1st prize - Rs. 15,000 worth voucher + 100% job placement
2nd prize - Rs. 15,000 worth voucher

4. One Inch Smaller (Your perspective sketch can make a difference tomorrow!)

5. Nutz-N-Boltz (Fix what you can to make the most of it!)

Non - Technical Events :
1. 5's Football - Futsal (Football is easy if you're crazy!)

2. Insta-Freeze - Online Photography (Where your picture gets a bigger screen!)

3. Bandwagon Effect (A meme creator's destination)

4. Surprise Events (You just gotta do it for the thrill!)

PPT Topics

A. Field : HOTSPORT(Thermal)
Too hot to handle and too cold to care!

Participants can present ideas involving thermal concepts in sports. Here are a few titles for reference:
1.Magnus effect in Hockey and Football.
2. Importance of soil properties in Kabaddi.
3. Performance variation in sports by use of CFD.

B.Field: GOAL MAKERS(Manufacturing)

Participants can present ideas involving Manufacturing concepts in Sports. Some titles for reference are given below.
1.Role of Impact force in boxing.
2.Effects of polyurethane in swimsuits.
3.Hough transform algorithm to extract snooker pool table data.

C. Field: CAPT.DESIGN(Design & Analysis)
Captivate us and show your mettle, Captains of design!
Participants can showcase their ideas on Design and Analysis. Concepts should involve sports related applications. Some titles for reference are provided below.
1.The Aerodynamic properties of badminton shuttlecocks.
2.Vectors involved during collisions
3.Engineering Mechanics in sports.

Event Guests

Expected guests are
1. Ultra Marathon runner Mr. Naresh Kumar
2. Indian cricket team video analyst also CEO Sportsmechanics Mr. S. Ramakrishnan (Ramky)

Pro Nites


Event Theme

Learn engineering through sports


CSE ECE IT EEE Instrumentation Mechanical Civil Chemical Energy Medical Pharmacy BioTechnology MCA Telecommunication BioMedical Mechanics Aeronautical Aerospace Design Media


Accommodations will be provided at our College Hostel.

How to reach Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai

College is located just after Thandalam village in Chennai Bengaluru Highway. Coming from city you have to reach Poonamalle. Public transport services towards Sriperumbudhur/Kanchipuram/Sunguvarchatram can be taken to reach the college. If so you have to get down at Thandalam Bus stop and walk in the same direction for around 500 meters to reach our college outer gate.

If coming by private transport, proceed in the Bengaluru highway from Poonamalle and you will cross Panimalar College , Sastha college , Queens land and the Saveetha University. Then cross the Thandalam village and our college will be on the left side. Parking facilities are available.

Our college also provides regular college bus services to all the areas around Chennai. Please visit for route details.

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