16 Words To Go, IIIT Delhi, Literary Festival, Delhi, Delhi, 30th July - 16th August 2017

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Category :
Literary Festival
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Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
30th July 2017
End Date :
16th August 2017
Location :
Delhi, Delhi
Organizer :
IIIT Delhi
16 Words To Go

About Event

We aim to build Esya as the platform for not only showcasing technical expertise and challenging the best in their fields but also to integrate technology with social causes. Esya is a journey, an adventure that aims to explore infinity and beyond. After five successful years of seeing promising talents and immense reception, we intend to take Esya, to a whole new level. This year’s Esya is set to break all boundaries and “explore the unexplored” in keeping with the essence of the name. The two day festival will host a series of unique and challenging events to set abuzz the best brains. Esya, this year, promises to be an unprecedented celebration of budding talent, technical excellence and innovative minds.

16 Words to go

Can you enthrall us all with witty wordplays and your brevity?
We throw open the doors for a yet another dazzling edition of 16 Words To Go!
Yes, it’s back, and we look forward to reading all your marvellous entries which strike a chord, coax a tear or make us let loose a giggle or tingle us with laughter! All are welcome aboard on this exciting literary journey where we write and express ourselves to the brink.. But here’s the catch! Only in 16 Words.
Think you have what it takes to be the 16 Words champion? Do participate and register!
We look forward to reading all the entries and judging your succinctness :D
Interested? Register and start writing! Check out the rules! 


Event Rules


  • 16 words is an upper limit; participants may use less than 16 words to express themselves
  • The competition will go on from 30th July 00:01 to 16th August 23:59
  • You must submit your entries here on the Facebook page to be considered for qualification and prizes.
  • Both English and Hindi stories are welcome!
  • The event entries are only to be submitted online on the Facebook event page.
  • Participants have to write on themes provided and using the keywords mentioned (will be told on FB event page on 29th July)
  • Foul words/racism in any form in the stories will not be tolerated and such posts will disqualified immediately.
  • Multiple entries per participant are allowed and encouraged! Keep writing folks!
  • We will check for plagiarism and any entries found to be copied will be disqualified without any notice. We are serious here *stern look*
  • You need to mention the word count after your story along with mentioning the theme as a hashtag.
  • Mentioning the theme is compulsory to be eligible for judgement.
  • A minimum of one and a maximum of four keywords from the given keywords must be included in the stories. Any story without following this rule will not be considered for qualification/prizes.
  • The keywords and themes should be hashtagged at the end of each story.
  • Decision of the judges will be final and binding.


16 Words To Go


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