PCISIR 2K15, Saveetha School of Engineering, Workshop, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 23rd - 24th October 2015

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23rd October 2015
End Date :
24th October 2015
Location :
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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Saveetha School of Engineering

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Image Processing plays a major role in modern technology and communication systems. Digital Image processing is a rapidly growing research field as a result of more powerful and cheaper algorithms. Image Processing holds the possibility of developing the ultimate machine that could perform the visual functions of all living beings. Image Processing has a huge application in the field of medicine. The main aim of medical image processing is to identify a disease or disorder by its outward signs/symptoms.
Image Processing techniques like Image Registration, Pattern Recognition, Pattern Classification and Segmentation etc, plays a major role in the analysis of digital images. Powerful Algorithms of Pattern Classification and Segmentation helps in faster extraction of information with great accuracy. This workshop will elaborate more on image registration, weak supervision, multiple instance learning, feature based image segmentation and classification techniques.


Hands on training sessions will be provided using ELASTIX, ILASTIK, FIJI and MATLAB tools


Hands on training sessions will be provided using ELASTIX, ILASTIK, FIJI and MATLAB tools

Event Guests

Kumar T Rajamani, Ph.D.
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business
Solutions Limited

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Pattern Classification ,Image Segmentation and Image Registration


CSE ECE IT EEE Medical Industrial BioTechnology BioMedical

How to reach Saveetha School of Engineering, Chennai

Saveetha School Of Engineering,
Saveetha University,
Thandalam, Chennai-602 105.

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