PRECISION+ 2K15, BS Abdur Rahman University, Technical Symposium, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 28th January 2015

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Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
28th January 2015
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28th January 2015
Location :
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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BS Abdur Rahman University
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Technical Symposium

About Event

Technical Events: 1.FIND THE ILLUSION: Aptitude and intelligence quotient are related, and in some ways opposite views of human mental ability. Whereas intelligence quotient sees intelligence as being a single measurable characteristic affecting all mental ability, aptitude refers to one of many different characteristics which can be independent of each other, such as aptitude for military flight, air traffic control, or computer programming. ARE YOU HAVE A VERY GOOD CONCENTRATION AND APTITUDE SKILLS? THEN IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO TEST YOUR CONCENTRATION AND APTITUDE SKILLS AND WE PROVIDED THE OPPURTUNITY FOR YOU THROUGH THIS EVENT “FIND THE ILLUSION” Round 1: round 1(prelims) conducted as quiz in this round your technical and skills will be tested there will be a single round which contain 20 questions (a mix of both technical and general questions) for quiz the time limit should be 20 minutes Round 2: round 2 is conducted as finals in this a picture with hidden layers and pictures with illusion will be given the participants should identify the illusion and the hidden layers this round test your concentration skills other instruction will be provided at the time of the event. RULES: • A team of maximum two candidates pursuing undergraduate/postgraduate programs are allowed to participate. • No one without I-card will be allowed for the contest and the team will be disqualified 2.INNOVATIVE SIMULATION (MATLAB) INTRODUCTION MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language. Developed by MathWorks, MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages, including C, C++, Java, and Fortran. INNOVATION IN SUCH A SOFTWARE IS ALWAYS SPECIAL AND WE GIVES YOU THE SPECIAL MOMENT IN OUR PRECISION+2K15 DESCRIPTION: ROUND 1: It conducted as prelims in prelims participants should derive the mathematical modelling and to simulate that in the matlab for the given transfer function model within the given time. Round 2: It condected as finals in this participants should analize and make report on the real time process which is connected to the matlab. Rules: • For prelims the time limit should be 15 minutes • The time limit for analysing and make the report should be 25 minutes • Report should be either in written or typical format • In written cases the participants should own their own writing materials • College id card is must • Based on the report decision of the judge is final. 3.ROBOTIKKA A ROBOTIKKA is an event where robots have to accomplish a task. Usually they have to beat other robots in order to become the best one. Rules : • This is a team event. • Maximum three participants are allowed in a team. • Participants can make use of wired/wireless robots. • Robot size must be within 30 cm *30 cm. • Robots must be assembled robots. • Any type of motors can be used. • Power supply should be given from 12v or less than 12v battery. • Robot which completes the given track with short duration can be declared as winner. • Commercially available robocars or use of commercially available steering mechanisms will lead to disqualification. 4. PROJECT DU PRESENTATION: ‘Innovate’ is all about putting together the junk items given to you into something solid and dynamic. Exhibit your talent in two pioneering rounds and you are all set to kick off and innovate something new. Precision+ 2K15 creates a platform to showcase your innovative talent. Rules : • A team can have a maximum of 3 members. • Each and every participant should have a valid id card. • Materials will be given to you on spot. • Font Type: Times New Roman. • Font Size: 12(for Content), 14(for Headings). • Line Spacing: 1.5. • Attached file SHOULD be in .doc or .docx extension. • The attached file name also should be in the format: "Name of the Department_Name of the project " EX: ECE_Agriculture Robot • Subject of the mail SHOULD be of the FORMAT : "Project_ Name of the Department_ Abstract". For Instance: Project_ EIE_ Abstract, Project_ EEE_ Abstract. • Mail your abstracts to : • Judges decision will be final. • Students from different Institutions can form the batch. • Students from all branches can participate in this event. • Projects must be the original design and creation of the participant. • A WORKING MODEL SHOULD BE PRESENTED ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT. 5. Circuit Master: Do you regard your brain as a massive electrical circuit..? Then, CIRCUIT MASTER is the place where you wanna be! Welcome to PRECISION+2k15 the home of all things creative and exciting! Let your brilliance be transmitted through those nerve cells! Come ignite your neural circuit! A Place to show talent explore and analyse the complex circuit and detect the errors ! Round 1 : It will be conducted as prelims In that circuit should be connected as per the circuit diagram given and output should be shown by the participants within the time limit Round 2: it will be conducted as fInals In this the participants should design a circuit for a some applications RULES : • MAX. 3 MEMBERS PER TEAM. • FOR 1ST ROUND TIME LIMIT SHOULD BE 10 MINS. • FOR FINALS TIME LIMIT SHOULD BE 25 MINS. • ALL THE COMPONENTS WILL BE PROVIDED. • COLLEGE ID IS MUST. 6. Paperi Presentation : The main aim of this event is to motivate the students and increase their confidence level, enhance their communication skills and express their technical knowledge Here, the students get a chance to enhance their research skill by writing a technical paper on the latest trends of technology, give an in-depth explanation and express their views on the same.. Precision+ 2K15 provides the platform to present your innovative ideas! TOPICS: • Modern control systems • Neuro - fuzzy control • Data acquisition systems • Virtual Instrumentation • Bio medical instrumentation • Power plant instrumentation • Embedded systems topics are not limited to this.. RULES : • Maximum two members per team. • Time limit should be 15 minutes. • The abstract should be submitted before 21/01/2015 based on the abstract finalist will be selected and they are called through their contact info. • Participants should enclose their contact information in their abstract. • Should be on time and college I'd card is must. • Bring 2 hard copies of your papers. • participation certificate will be issued only for the full day participated contestants. • send your abstract to the mail PRECISIONPLUS14@GMAIL.COM. AND MORE EXITING EVENTS WORKSHOP • MATLAB • LABVIEW ROBOTICS NONTECHNICAL EVENTS DUMB-C ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY


Events For The Symposium: Main Events: Paperi Esphiya (Paper Presentation) Presentation Du Project Robotikka Innovative Simulation (Matlab) Circuit Master Find The Illusion Non Technical Events: Dumb-Chariat Photography (Online) Workshop Matlab Labview Robotics


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