National Seminar On ''Corporate Finance and Financial Services-Emerging Trends'', School of Management Studies UOH, , Hyderabad, Telangana, 14th - 16th February 2013

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14th February 2013
End Date :
16th February 2013
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Hyderabad, Telangana
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School of Management Studies UOH

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National Seminar On ''Corporate Finance and Financial Services-Emerging Trends''

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The Seminar Theme: The Recent Financial Crises Have Highlighted The Importance Of Making Intelligent Business Decisions And The Role Of Corporate Finance. Corporate Finance Touches Every Aspect Of Business, From Deciding Which Capital Expenditure Projects Are Worth Undertaking, To The Challenge Of Shareholder Value Maximization, Raising Finance Or Managing Risk. Today, The Complex External Environment Has Made Corporate Finance All The More Challenging With The Intense Competition Among The Corporate. The Technological Innovations, Fluctuations In Interest Rates, Spiraling Inflation, Global Economic Uncertainty, Volatile Exchange Rates, Tax Laws, Ethical Concerns Over The Financial Dealings Are The Challenges Staring At The Present Day Finance Manager. The Growing Needs Of The Corporate Sector In Meeting The Aforesaid Challenges Were Fulfilled By The Financial Services Sector Which Itself Had Undergone Tremendous Transformation In The Past Few Decades And Has Become A Significant Player In The Global Financial System. In The Light Of These Problems And Prospects, The Seminar Aims To Provide A Platform To Practitioners, Consultants, Academicians, Researchers And Students To Learn And Disseminate Information On The Emerging Trends And Contemporary Issues In Corporate Finance And Financial Services


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