4th International Conference on Thermal, Manufacturing, Structural and Environmental Engineering ICITMSEE'24, Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, 26th - 27th April 2024

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Offline and Online Mode
Start Date :
26th April 2024
End Date :
27th April 2024
Location :
Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology
Category :
International Conference
4th International Conference on Thermal, Manufacturing, Structural and Environmental Engineering ICITMSEE'24

About Event

The vision of International Conference on Innovations in Thermal, Manufacturing, Structural and Environmental Engineering (ICITMSEE'24) is to empower an opportunity to the participants to deliberate the futuristic challenges and developments in the above mentioned areas. It also imparts inter disciplinary forum to scientists, engineers, industrialists and researchers to convey their latest research ideas, applications and innovations in the branches of
Mechanical, Civil Engineering and Agricultural Engineering.
The conference invites industrial persons and professors from IITs/IISCS/NITS/Government/Private institutions to deliver keynote address in their relevant fields and to refine the quality of articles through their valuable reviews and suggestions. All the papers will be peer reviewed and the qualified articles will be awarded in the conference. The outcome of this conference is to kindle the thoughts of research scholars, pedagogies and technocrats to attain proficiency in their research work under the thrust areas of Thermal, Manufacturing, Structural and Environmental Engineering.


▸ Authors are requested to submit only high quality, original and unpublished work. Submission formats in word format. Plagiarism should
be less than 20%.
► Submission shall consist of maximum of eight pages, double line spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margin on all sides on A4 size.
Full length paper only will be considered for technical review.
▸ Accepted papers will be published in AIP Conference Proceedings (WoS & Scopus) with extra processing fee based on author consent.

PPT Topics

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
▷ Heat - Mass Transfor
Track 1: Thermal Engineering
▸ Biological Heat Transfer
►Melting and Solidification
►Single and Two-Phase Flows
▸ Conventional Energy Technologies
►Energy Conversion Systems
▸ Automotive Technologies
Energy and Environment
▸ Computational Fluid Dynamics
Biofuels and Internal Combustion Engines
▸ Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
▸ Micro/Nano Fluidics and Life Science Application
▷ Numerical Methods in Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
▷ Transport Phenomena in Porous Media
Thermal Behavior of Materials Processing
▷ Thermal-Fluids Machinery
▷ Visualization of Heat Transfer Phenomena
▷ Aerodynamics
►Fuels and Combustion
▸ Advanced Energy Sources
Track 2: Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
►Additive Manufacturing
▷ Green Manufacturing
▸ Surface Engineering/Costings
► Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of
Manufacturing Processes
► Metal Forming
▸ Cryogenic Materials
Composite Materials
▸ Materials for Energy and Environment
► Bio Materials
▷ Materials Machining
► Welding & Joining
▷ High-Speed/Precision Machining
►Micro & Nano Machining Technology
▷ Laser Processing Technology
▷ Bionic Mechanisms and Bio-Manufacturing
Virtual and Network Manufacturing
Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies
► Quality Monitoring
▷ Production and Operation Management
Subtractive Manufacturing
Track 3: Structural Engineering
►Seismic Hazards Assessment and Retrofitting▸ Advanced Hybrid and Composite Structures
▸ Recent Innovations in Concrete Materials
and Technology
▸ Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
►Energy Efficient Structures
► Digitized Structural Monitoring
▸ Smart City and lot
►Sustainable Urban Logistics
▸ Optimization and Innovation in
Structural Design
►Environment Friendly Construction and
Green Buildings
▷ Smart Materials and Structures
▸ Big Data Based Intelligent Control of City Traffic
▷ Safety Improvement Management
▸ Reliability and Durability of Structures
▸ Structural Health Monitoring System
▸ Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Quality Control in
Finite Element Analysis and Modeling
▸ Computer Applications and Simulation of Structures
►Advances in BIM
▸ Automation and 3D Printing
Track 4: Environmental Engineering
▸ Integrated Hydrological Modeling
▷ Environmental Impact Analysis
►Innovative Solid Waste Utilization and
Recycling Method
▷ Eco-Hydraulics/Eco Hydrology for Water
▸ Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in
▸ Environmental and Water Resources
Environmental Restoration and Evaluation
▸ Environmental Microbial Biofilms and
Human Microbiomes
▷ Behavior of Soll Under Dynamic Loading
Organic Farming, Farm machinery and implements
▸ IoT, Al and Drone Technology in Agriculture
►Geo Synthetics and Natural Fibre
▸ Hybrid Energy Storage Systems
▸ Climate Change and Water Resources Management
▸ Storm Water Flood Management Challenges and
Case Studies
►Soll Polymeric Materials Composite Systems
▸ Energy Strategies for Building Management
Soil and Smart Irrigation Engineering
▸ Food Processing, Storage and Packaging Technology
▸ Dairy and Value Products
▸ Renewable Energy in Agriculture


Mechanical Civil Chemical Agricultural Energy Metallurgy Medical Industrial BioTechnology BioMedical Mechanics Aeronautical Aerospace Material Mining Automobile Marine Food

Certificates will be provided to Participants

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