5th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Green Business Models ICSDGBM 2023, ASET Institute of Technology Chennai Campus, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 31st January 2023

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Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
31st January 2023
End Date :
31st January 2023
Location :
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
ASET Institute of Technology Chennai Campus
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International Conference
5th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Green Business Models ICSDGBM  2023

About Event

Sustainable development was defined in the 1987 Brundtland Report as “development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (United Nations General Assembly, 1987).

Sustainable development also lays emphasis on the responsibility of current generations to renew, maintain, and improve the planet’s resources for future generation. Businesses are becoming more inclined to offer greener solutions in order to meet stringent environmental goals, minimize their reliance on natural resources, and compete for environmentally concerned consumers. Within this shifting environment, having a well-tailored business model for an innovative technology is viewed as a critical enabler of business success.

Green Business Models strive to provide value to customers while also supporting sustainability, such as resource conservation/reduction and promotion of environmental benefits. This conference will feature discussions on sustainable development and on green policies in all areas of management (HR, IT, Marketing, Finance General Management & Economics) so as to have a positive impact on the environment and to boost business by garnering an impressive reputation. We encourag rigorous work of any methodological or theoretical bent in this conference based on the principle that innovative research. ASET COLLEGE encourages diversified membership and panels of the participants.


Human Resources & General Management

Sustainable HRM
Sustainable Culture, Diversity & Inclusion the Need of the Hour.
Green HR Practices & Strategic Implementation
Training, Retraining & Rescaling.
Online Recruitment & Selection-Teleconferencing, and Virtual
Green Reward Management
Green Performance Management

Green Marketing & Strategies -Green Positioning, Green Pricing, Green Logistics
Green Marketing Interventions for Sustainable Development
Recycling & Waste Disposal Practices
Green Design- Eco-friendly product packaging
Green Marketing: Consumer perception of responsible corporate
Green Marketing and CSR
Sustainability and growth through Green Business Models
Minimal Living for Sustainable Development & Green Business Models
Information Technonogy (IT)

Green ICT for Sustainability
Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship
Knowledge Management for Sustainability
Changing Ways of E-Commerce for Green Environment
Data Security
Data Mining and Data Warehouses
Business and Data Analytics
General Management & Economics

Green Economic Policies, Practices & Initiatives
Circular Economy and Sustainable Mobility
Sustainable Supply Chain Models and Entrepreneurial Innovation
Green Consumption Practices
CSR Perspective of Green Initiatives
Integrated Holistic Eco-Information System
Digitisation and Innovation of current Business Models, Business Risk and Mitigation
Climate Change and Climate Protection via Sustainable Business Development


Changing Investor Preference in View of the Evolving Financial Crisis.
Sustainable Finance Market: Actors and Regulations
Financial Market Implications of Climate Change
Impact Investing: Measuring Social Impact Alongside Financial Returns
Investors’ Preferences for Sustainability and Non-Pecuniary Outcomes
Role of Banking in Sustainable Development & Green Business Models
The Imperatives of Social Cost-Benefit Analysis

PPT Topics

1. Human Resources & General Management
2. Marketing
3. Information Technonogy (IT)
4. General Management & Economics
5. Finance


MBA Telecommunication Design Marine BBA PolyTechnic

How to reach ASET Institute of Technology Chennai Campus, Chennai

No 28, Irulapalayam Rd, Kuthambakkam, Tamil Nadu 602124

Certificates will be provided to Winners

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