C++ Certification Course 2022, Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune, Maharashtra, 29th August - 19th September 2022

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Category :
Certification Course
Event Type:
Offline and Online Mode
Start Date :
29th August 2022
End Date :
19th September 2022
Location :
Pune, Maharashtra
Organizer :
Pune Institute of Computer Technology
C++ Certification Course 2022

About Event

C++ is a very popular language for performance-critical applications that rely on speed and efficient memory management. The objective is to make students familiar with object-oriented language. This course is a core subject and having importance for individuals career growth. Due to high-performance, C++ is also a good choice for programming games that utilize fast-paced 3D graphics. Also, C++ is used frequently in areas such as game development, hardware manufacturing, embedded systems, and for military applications.


Course Contents
. Understand importance of OOP concepts in Industry
∙ Define Object oriented programming concepts.
∙ Use and implement functions, virtual functions and pointers in OOP.
∙ Create solution to reuse the code to solve real world problems using Inheritance.
∙ Learn how to handle unexpected events using exception handling.
∙ Implement data structures like vectors, lists, queues and stacks using STL.
∙ Learn and use smart pointers and design patterns used in modern C++ programming.
∙ Understand features and use of C++ 11.
∙ Apply the knowledge of OOPs to give solution for case studies.


CSE IT Mechanical Civil Chemical MBA MCA Telecommunication Physics Automobile BBA PolyTechnic

Certificates will be provided to Participants

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