6th International Conference on Computational Vision and Bio Inspired Computing ICCVBIC 2022, RVS Technical Campus, International Conference, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 18th - 19th November 2022

Category :
International Conference
Event Type:
Offline and Online Mode
Start Date :
18th November 2022
End Date :
19th November 2022
Location :
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
RVS Technical Campus

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6th International Conference on Computational Vision and Bio Inspired Computing ICCVBIC 2022

About Event

The scope of the 6th International Conference On Computational Vision and Bio Inspired Computing(ICCVBIC 2022) is to provide an international forum for the exchange of ideas among interested researchers, students, developers, and practitioners in the areas of Computational Vision and Bio Inspired Computing.It is being organized on 18-19, November 2022 by the Inventive Research Organization in association with RVS Technical Campus. ICCVBIC will provide an outstanding international forum for sharing knowledge and results in all fields of science, engineering and Technology. ICCVBIC provides quality key experts who provide an opportunity in bringing up innovative ideas. Recent updates in the in the field of technology will be a platform for the upcoming researchers. The conference will be Complete, Concise, Clear and Cohesive in terms of research related to science and Technology.


International Conference

PPT Topics

Computational Vision

Interactive Computational Models
3D Vision and Advanced Perception
Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Applications
Machine Learning Techniques
Early Vision Techniques
Multi-Sensory Data Fusion Models
Computational Geometry
Augmented reality
Image-related Computing Techniques
Multidimensional and Multisensor Machine Vision
Virtual Reality and Advanced Visualization
Efficient Training and Inference Methods
Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Optimization and Learning Methods
Visual Reasoning and Logical Representation

Bio-Inspired Computing

Neuro Generative Models
Probabilistic reasoning
Neural Networks and Brain-inspired Computing
Neuromorphic Computing and Architectures
Cellular Automata and Cellular Neural Networks
Evolutionary Computing and Swarm Intelligence
Fuzzy Logic and Systems
Multi-agent systems
DNA and Molecular Computing
Machine Learning and Deep learning Models
Bio-Inspired Methodology Analysis Tools
Rough Sets and Stochastic Processes
Bio-Inspired Computation with Big Data
Bioinformatics and other bio-inspired applications
Artificial Society and Innovative Models
Probabilistic Reasoning and Scheduling Algorithms



Contact Details

Conference Chair
Dr. S. Smys
Professor, Department of CSE,
RVS Technical Campus,
Coimbatore, India.


Registration Fees

Registration Fee
Indian Participant: INR 7500
Foreign Participant: USD 110

Indian Participant: INR 5500
Foreign Participant: USD 90

Certificates will be provided to Participants

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