Online FDP on Recent Trends in Wireless Communication Technologies 2021, K Ramakrishnan College of Engineering, Faculty Development Programme, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, 5th - 14th August 2021

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Category :
Faculty Development Programme
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Start Date :
5th August 2021
End Date :
14th August 2021
Location :
Trichy, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
K Ramakrishnan College of Engineering
Online FDP on Recent Trends in Wireless Communication Technologies 2021

About Event

The fifth generation (5G) wireless connectivity is expected to offer high speed, enriched capacity, lower latency, ultra-high reliability and the ability to connect massive number of connections, namely, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M) and Device to Device (D2D) devices. In addition to offering faster speeds and other consumer benefits, 5G is seen as crucial to advanced technologies like vehicle type applications, IoT and virtual reality and augmented reality that demand high speed and bandwidth. In addition, the industry has made plans for next generation of technology, sixth generation (6G) at frequencies from 100 GHz to 1 THz and offer speeds up to 100 Gbps with very low latency. According to the researchers, 5G/6G devices will be able to handle hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous connections that should offer more capacity with lower power requirements.


Major Course Contents:
• Channel Models for Wireless Communication
• Diversity & Combining Techniques, Performance Trade-off
• 5G/6G Wireless Communication Systems and Research Challenges
• Transmission Technologies for 5G and B5G Wireless Communications
• Evolution of Cellular Wireless Communication Standards 1G – 5G
• Device-to-Device (D2D) Communications
• Spectrum Sensing and Cognitive Radio
• Resource Allocation for Wireless Communications
• Estimation Techniques for Wireless Receiver Design
• Machine Learning Application for 5Gmm wave Networks


CSE ECE IT EEE Instrumentation Energy MCA Telecommunication Mechanics Aeronautical Automobile Design

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