INCIDENT 2020, NITK Surathkal, Cultural Extravaganza, Surathkal, Karnataka, 27th February - 1st March 2020

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Category :
Cultural Extravaganza
Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
27th February 2020
End Date :
1st March 2020
Location :
Surathkal, Karnataka
Organizer :
NITK Surathkal

About Event

Incident, India’s largest run student fest, stands high and mighty being bestowed with a crown of ultimate art, culture and celebration. It serves as a launchpad for fresh talents, battleground for the best competitions, a host for the most renowned artists, an adobe to dance and music where a day would begin with soul-touching talk series and end with spectacular sundown sessions in the beach to make way for the stellar Pronites. Incident is a carnival where every street reflects colourful art. Every wave echoes festivity, and every minute spent will last for a lifetime. If you love the salty tinge of the ocean and enjoy art in its finest form. Surathkal is where you ought to be in march, Incident promises a complete experience for its audience and a tremendous headstart for the budding talent to conquer the impossible. Our belief in social interdependence has motivated us to initiate various socio-environmental programs too. Incident is about compassion for our people and our environment.


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Techobyte Workshops

Pro Nites

Comedy night By Akash Gupta Fushion Night by Thaikudam Bridge Bollywood Night by Salim Suleiman

Event Theme

A Tryst with time


CSE ECE IT EEE Mechanical Civil Chemical Agricultural Metallurgy Medical Pharmacy Arts BioTechnology MBA MCA Commerce Physics BioMedical Mining Fashion


How to reach NITK Surathkal

NITK Surathkal Mangalore Karnataka 575025

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