International Conference on Inclusive Work Organisation, Needs, Trends and Possibilities 2019, Sona School of Management, Goa, Goa, 11th - 13th December 2019

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Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
11th December 2019
End Date :
13th December 2019
Location :
Goa, Goa
Organizer :
Sona School of Management
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International Conference
International Conference on Inclusive Work Organisation, Needs, Trends and Possibilities 2019

About Event

In order to remain viable and vibrant in the current times work organisations need to morph into open system of opportunities to embrace and envelop diversity at every possible level as a means to an end. This conference endeavours to raise some pertinent questions such as

How do we see and construct an inclusive organisation in the context of structural- functional perspective?How do societal and organisational forces impact/felicitate organisational inclusiveness?How inclusiveness is important beyond the perceived purview of traditional work organisations such as learning organisations?What are the immediate global trends that may impose compositional change and challenges on organisations? andWhat accountability and governance issues we need to consider in an inclusive organisation?

Note: All the conference papers will be published in Scopus.


Paper Presentation and Keynote speeches.


One-day pre-conference workshop will be conducted for Doctoral Scholars who are in the various stages of their research process. The sessions will be facilitated by experts in research from renowned institutions.

PPT Topics


Career ManagementConflict ManagementCritical Management StudiesCulture and Diversity IssuesEntrepreneurshipGender and Diversity in Organizations Health Care ManagementInclusive MarketingInternational ManagementLeadership IssuesManagement, Spirituality and Religion Managerial and Organizational Cognition
Markets and diversity: niche markets, customization and service valuesCultural assumptions and practical outcomesOperations and Supply Chain ManagementOrganization and Management TheoryOrganizational BehaviorOrganizational Communication and Information SystemsOrganizational Development and ChangeStrategic ManagementStrategizing, Activities, and PracticesTechnology and Innovation Management


Instructional and Curricular Frameworks for Addressing DiversityDimensions of Individual Differences in LearningAdministrators, Community Members, Educating Teachers in Diversity Educational Policies and Practices Related to DiversityInclusive EducationLanguage Diversity and Learning New Languages
Multicultural, Cross-Cultural, International and Global EducationService or Experiential Learning and Intercultural UnderstandingTeaching Pedagogy in Management EducationEthics in EducationICT in Educational Technology


Accountability IssuesBusiness EthicsBusiness-Government InteractionsCorporate CitizenshipCorporate Governance and MechanismsCorporate Social PerformanceCorporate Social Responsibility
Curbing Crony CapitalismGovernance and StrategyGovernance and SustainabilityInformal Governance MechanismsSocial and Financial PerformanceSocially Responsible InvestingSocially Responsible Education

(Papers beyond the given sub-themes but under the scope of the conference theme are also invited)

Event Guests

Dr.J.B.P. Sinha
Senior Consultant and Professor
ASSERT Institute
Mr. D. Ravichander
Executive VP
JSW Steels
Dr. M. Chandrasekhar
Dr. Sai Kavitha
Country Head
Canada and India
And more eminent leaders.


Arts MBA Commerce Law BBA

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