A Five Days National Level Workshop on Neural Networks and Deep Learning 2019, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, 26th July - 1st August 2019

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Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
26th July 2019
End Date :
1st August 2019
Location :
Vellore, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
Vellore Institute of Technology
Category :
A Five Days National Level Workshop on Neural Networks and Deep Learning 2019

About Event

Neural Network and Deep learning (NNDL), VIT Vellore, India is a five days workshop providing opportunities to spread the fundamentals of artificial neural network and
deep learning. NNDL five days workshop is also envisioned to provide hands on sessions on CNN, and RNN. It provides a unique opportunity to interact with the neural network and deep learning fraternity and learn, understand, participate, and contribute to Deep Learning using various algorithms, image acquisitions and vision solutions. One of the solitary objectives of NNDL is to comrade education, engineering, and science with computing through the medium of deep learning.
Neural network and deep learning is a rapidly growing area of Artificial Intelligence which deals with analysis and design of automated computer-based algorithms for yielding
efficient representations of data at various abstraction levels. Deep learning is attaining unparalleled levels of accuracy to the extent that the deep learning algorithms are able to overtake humans at classifying images and speech. This workshop will facilitate deep learning and neural network researchers, professors and industry executives to share their expertise and knowledge with participants. It will offer a collaborative forum for discussion on recent and on-going developments, key issues and challenges, and practices in neural network and deep learning


Workshop for 5 days


Day 1 [26/07/2019]
• Introduction to Python Programming
• Objects in python
• Loop constructs
Day 2 [29/07/2019]
• Advanced python programming concepts
• Numpy
• Scipy
• Matplotlib
• PyLab libraries.
Day 3 [30/07/2019]
• Fundamentals of Neural Networks
• Convolutional Neural Network design and
Day 4 [31/07/2019]
• Recurrent Neural Network design
• Demonstration of RNN based systems
Day 5 [01/08/2019]
• Real time image acquisition in industrial
• Image processing operations for reliable
imaging system design


CSE ECE IT EEE Medical MCA Telecommunication Physics

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