I STEM 2018, Kumaraguru College of Technology, International Conference, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 10th - 12th December 2018

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International Conference
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Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
10th December 2018
End Date :
12th December 2018
Location :
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Organizer :
Kumaraguru College of Technology

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I STEM 2018

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Traditional ways of executing businesses are radically changing. One strategy to contemplate the VUCA syndrome is innovation. As for the corporates and countries alike “Innovation is real work and it should be managed like any other corporate function”. Being given to understand the fact that Innovation and innovation management are no longer an indulgence, but rather a necessity and means of development and competitiveness for many contemporary business cultures. To ensure, key scenarios of business environments sofar, has already indicated the throughputs of innovation in different business formats. Thus led by these fascinating prepositions the theme of the conference precincts include “Innovations in Management: Technology and Practices for Business and Society”

The first episode of I-STEM [International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management] was organized by Kumaraguru College of Technology during the month of June 2018 envisioning the advances and developments in Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Computer, Social Sciences, and Management. Being appreciated and encouraged extensively, the second version of I-STEM is scheduled on 10th – 12 th of December 2018 to bring in the diverse academic fraternity together to discuss and deliberate various developments in allied areas. The management theme of I- STEM 2018 second edition is hoisted by KCT Business School


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