Innovative Technologies for Rural Development and their Commercialization (ITRDC-2017), NB Navale Sinhgad College of Engineering, Conference, Solapur, Maharashtra, 18th - 21st February 2017

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Event Type:
Venue/Offline Mode
Start Date :
18th February 2017
End Date :
21st February 2017
Location :
Solapur, Maharashtra
Organizer :
NB Navale Sinhgad College of Engineering
Category :
Innovative Technologies for Rural Development and their Commercialization (ITRDC-2017)

About Event

Rural development is the process of improving the quality of life and economic well being of people living relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas. The need for rural communities to approach development from a wider perspective has created more focus on a broad range of development goals rather than merely creating incentive for agriculture or resources based businesses. Education, entrepreneurship, physical infrastructure and social infrastructure all play an important role in developing rural regions.
With a Vision of “Development of human being through research”,SPSPM has established the “Centre for Research & Technology Developments”, Sinhgad Institute, Solapur (India) in N.B.Navale Sinhgad college of Engineering Solapur. This centre mainly focuses on top ten problems of next fifty years .To begin with Energy, Environment and Health Science are attempted.
BARC is actively involved in the deployment of power and non-power applications on a large scale, both industrial and societal. The BARC Centre for Incubation of Technology (BARCIT), spin off technologies, NISARGRUNA (solid biodegradable waste resource
management) and Advance Knowledge & Rural Technology Implementation (AKRUTI) programs have been initiated for the benefit of Society. BARC has entered into several technologies transfer agreements with private parties in the areas of nuclear
instrumentation, Industrial applications, Medical applications, Environmental applications and health care. As part of management of IPR issues, an IPR cell has also been established.
The Media Relations and Public Awareness section of BARC Mumbai has come forward to collaborate with CRTD for organizing this multi mega event in the interest of Nation particularity rural community shouldered the responsibility of spreading these technologies for rural development. The centre has ventured in a big way to undertake rural development program with innovative technologies.
So,Herewith,CRTD,Sinhgad Institutes, Solapur, is organizing Multimega Event 2017 “Innovative Technology for Rural Developments and Their Commercialization(ITRDC-2017)” from 18th to 21st Feb. 2017 in collabration with Bhabha Atomic Research center, (BARC), Mumbai.
Quiz Competition is organized for Science students with any subject as principal subject of B. Sc and M. Sc and for B. E. and M. E. pursuing students of Engineering from any branch.Dista is a technical fest which will be part of this ITRDC-17 & expected participants are Engineering diploma students.Other Five events are for all worldwide Industrialist & concerned people to Renewable energy,Nuclear Energy,Cloud Physics & Material Science.BARC, Mumbai is going to give Certificates to all the participants and prize winners. In addition there is an interactive session with BARC Eminent Scientists about different fellowships, job opportunities and carrier guidance.


1) National Conference on Engineering the materials for technology application with special reference to renewable and nuclear energy
2) Exhibition & Trade Show of renewable and nuclear energy technologies
3) Skill Development Programs for DAE technologies
4) Launching of national project on “First Cloud Physics Experiment” in collaboration with IITM Pune sanctioned by DST Delhi.
5) Science Exhibition
6) Talent Search (Quiz Competition)
7) DISTA Techno Event


Skill Development Programs for DAE technologies will be on 20th and 21th Feb, 2017. The primary objective of the workshop was to develop an action plan for skill development initiatives. Agriculture is one such important sector under the peaceful uses of atomic energy having major societal impact.
Nuclear Agriculture and Biotechnology Division (NABTD), a constituent Division in the Bio- Medical Group of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, is involved in a broad based research
programme for developing high yielding, early maturing crop varieties with resistance to biotic, abiotic stresses, better nutritional quality and wider ecological adaptability using mutation and recombination breeding and their deployment for societal benefits so skill development program for farmers. The industrial and societal applications of Isotopes and Radiation Technology include water resources development, management and environmental control; development of new technologies using sealed sources and radiotracers for NDT, process optimization and troubleshooting of industrial systems; Hot Cell operations for fabricating kilocurie level Co-60 sources for use in various types of irradiators, hospitals and other applications; and use of gamma and electron beam radiations for developing new products with improved/specific properties so second session for Industrialist.
1) Farmers
2) Industrialist
3) Students
4) Incubation Centre

PPT Topics

 Renewable Energy, Solar Thermal, Solar Phovoltanic, Biogas, wind, Tidal, Thin film solar cells, Nonmaterial’s, Energy storage devices, Biomass energy conversion, biomass Gasifies, Energy Conversion ,Heating & cooling of Building, Bio and Hospital waste management ,rural Appropriate Technology ,Power cogeneration, Energy Audit .
 DAE Technologies
 Cloud Physics
 Mathematical Modeling and Computations
 Manufacturing, design, Automobiles, Thermal Engineering,Mechatronics, Fluid
Mechanics, Composite Materials
 ICT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Mining, Image processing, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber security
 Advanced Trends in Telecommunication and Advanced Electronics Design Technology, Wireless and Sensor Networks.
 Transportation Engineering, Structure, Bridge a, Tunnel, Eco-building, Water Harvesting and Management
 Nano-bio Materials, Nano- Medicine, Biotechnology, Health Science and Technology

Event Guests

National Advisory Committee
 Dr.Anil Kakodkar,BARC Mumbai
 Mr.K.N.Vyas,Director, BARC Mumbai
 Dr. D.N.Badodkar,BARC Mumbai
 Prof Dr. E. Sampathkumar,TIFR Mumbai
 Dr.K.N.Ganesh, Director IISER Pune
 Prof.Dr.N.N.Maldar,Vice-chancellor Solapur University
 Prof. Dr. W. N. Gade, Vice Chancellor ,Pune University
 Prof.Dr. D. B. Shinde, Vice-Chancellor Shivaji university ,Kolhapur
 Prof.Dr.B.A.Chopade,Vice-Chancellor,DrBAMU Aurangabad
 Dr. Prakash Behere ,Vice-Chancellor DYPU Kolhapur
 Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe,Chairman AICTE Delhi
 Dr. S.K. Mahajan,Director DTE Mumbai
 Dr. P.S.Shrige ,IIT Indore
 Dr.V.K. Soni,Director AICTE New Delhi
 Shri Nitin Gadre , Director General,MEDHA Pune
 Dr.Dhananjai Pandey ,IIT(BHU)
 Dr. Krishan Lal ,NPL Delhi
 Dr.J.V.Yakhmi,BARC Mumbai
 Dr.S.B.Ogale, IISER Pune
 Prof.K.L.Chopra, New Dhelhi.
 Dr.Rajiv Joshi ,Karnataka Central University, Gulbarga
 Dr. R. Krishnan, Director IITM,Pune
 Dr.K.P. Ray, SAMEER,IIT Mumbai
 Prof. Rajul K Gajjar,Vice-Chancellor ,GTI,Gujrat
 Dr.K.N.Ganeshan,UGC-DAE Research Centre,Indore
 Prof.Dr.P.P.Patil, Vice-Chancellor, NMU Jalgoan.
 Prof.Dr.S.H.Pawar, Research Director Sinhgad Institute Solapur

Event Theme

Renewable Energy, Nuclear Energy, Cloud Physics & Material Science


CSE ECE IT EEE Instrumentation Civil Chemical Agricultural Medical Pharmacy BioTechnology MCA Commerce Telecommunication BioMedical Mechanics Aeronautical Aerospace Design

How to reach NB Navale Sinhgad College of Engineering, Solapur

GAT NO. 38/1/B,Off. Solapur University, Kegaon, Solapur, Maharashtra-413255
Phone: 0217 250 0595

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