FuGeniz 6, Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering, Technical Fest, Kolenchery, Kerala, 18th - 19th February 2016

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Technical Fest
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Start Date :
18th February 2016
End Date :
19th February 2016
Location :
Kolenchery, Kerala
Organizer :
Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering

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FuGeniz 6

About Event

FUGENIZ stands for “Future Generation of Engineers” and 2011 saw its birth with a vision to ‘Forge the Future’. It was a resounding success which saw a good turn out with college students and school kids enjoying it to the fullest! Kudos to our seniors whose brainchild planted its seed firmly in the grounds of SNGCE. The next edition of FUGENIZ was in 2012 which proclaimed that ‘Evolution is Simple’ and encouraged all SNGCEians to aim for the sky! And in 2013 FUGENIZ 2013- Innovation is Revolution!! Now we are back with a bang and proudly present before you FUGENIZ6 A cart full of knowledge, surprises, entertainment, fun and unforgettable experience awaits you at SNGCE on 18 and 19 February 2016! So be there to witness this explosion of revolution!

To mould the best Engineers,let‘s ignite this evolution at the innovator‘s realm,Fugeniz6. Like a picturesque canvas showcasing the most precise blend of colours,patterns and brush strokes,Fugeniz6 has the perfect blend of ideas,innovation and infotainment.The glory revealed at this two-day extravaganza is worth beholding. Come,be a part of Fugeniz6 and illuminate the techie in you. Familiarize yourself with the series of events in this edition of Fugeniz6


1) Pirates of Surveying:-By using a prismatic compass and some distances, angles and coordinates, you will become 2k bucks rich.
2) Genesis:-Electrify your skills for a 10k.Circuit solving, treasure hunt, bridge built up and much more adventure.
3) Bank Heist:-It is all about tech hacking. Break the bank security system with a time limit through many challenge rounds.15k is all yours.
4) Robo Wars:-The name gives it all.25k for the clash of metals with style, control, damage and aggression. Prize worth 18k
5) Machinist:-Prove the best mechanical engineer in you only through few rounds. . Prize worth 7k
6) Techon:-Without worries of backlogs, get a job. If you are skilled from IT and Computer Science, it’s your chance. . Prize worth 15k
7) Hackthon:-Develop any application within a day. Amenities are provided for 24 hrs. . Prize worth 30k.
8) Fugenizian 2k16:-The grand finale of all the events. Compete for the best manager worth 10k.
9) Inceptra 2K16:-Programming with twists and turns. Absolute fun. Entertainment with knowledge worth 18k.
10) Technothrone:-amplify to the next level with decoding, circuit creation, series and parallel. Prize worth 2k.
1) Palaeont Cave:-Revealing the mystery of life of our great great grandfathers in a cave with the geological eras.
2) Frozen:-Do you want to build a snowman? Ever wished for it. Then it’s time for some fun in snow.
3) Abrigo:-One of the essentials,”HOME”. It is all about development of houses which has protected us all these years.
4) Interstellar:-Journey to the moon is still a dream for a common man. It’s time for some exploration to the mysterious space above.
5) The Immortals of Giza:-An infotainment packed journey through the history and technology. Unwinding the powers of Pyramids of Egypt.
6) Yanthrika:-Beauty and life even in the scraps. The world of working models, still scrap models and evolutions.
7) LNG:-LNG carriers production which is restricted to common man, is now open for the public.

1) Cerebro 2k16:-Measure your knowledge, abilities and skills by answering 5 rounds of quiz. . Prize worth 5k
2) Neram Short Film Fest Season 2:-A platform to exhibit the talent in short film. . Prize worth 10k
3) Workshops:-Each branch with specific subjects have their own workshops.

1) Beam escape:-Minimum time with minimum intercepts, complete the laser beam. . Prize worth 4k
2) Lan Party:-Polish your game skills. Coordination and planning for the networked multiplayer gaming. . Prize worth 21k
3) Zorb Soccer:-Play football/soccer in a bubble. Just by guarding your upper body, grab your 2.5k.
4) Maze Runner 2:-As the name specifies, escape the maze in shortest time which is similar to a ship and 4k is all yours.
5) Lets Ride:-Showcase your abilities and skills to finish the lap in least time worth 8k.
6) Mini Fun Games:-Crowd pulling games to refresh your mind and skills. Prize worth 1k.

1) Mind Warp:-It is all about logical puzzle solving challenge. Reasoning and deductibility skills are to be bushed for worth 4k.
2) Fugen Game(CANUS):-An android game to test your concentration. The top scorer gets prize worth 4k.
3) Dubsmash:-The best video recorded using the application gets a prize worth1.5k.

1) FUGENXPO:-A Celebration of science, engineering and technology by the youth (engineers and beginners separate).Prize worth 1.25 lakhs.
2) FUGEN TALK:-Lent your ears to enviable and eminent personalities from various fields, about their ideas and experiences
3) SILVER RIBBON:-It enhances our commitment towards the society using a charity program to act for the benefit of society at large.
4) FUGENITE:-Relax your mind and muscles with the SNGCE band ‘WHATSOEVER’

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Innovator's Realm


CSE ECE EEE Mechanical Civil MCA Physics Mining

How to reach Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering, Kolenchery

1) From Ernakulam Reach Thripunithura> Thiruvamkulam > Kolenchery > Kadayirupu
2) Thodupuzha > Muvatupuzha > Kolenchery > Kadayirupu

for More Check Location Map in Our Website


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