ESummit NSIT 2016, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology NSIT, Entrepreneurial Summit, Delhi, Delhi, 6th - 7th February 2016

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Venue/Offline Mode
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6th February 2016
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7th February 2016
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Delhi, Delhi
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Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology NSIT
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Entrepreneurial Summit
ESummit NSIT 2016

About Event

With the commencement of the fest season, eCell NSIT is all set with it's first event of the year, The Entrepreneurial Summit. Mind boggling Competitions - Efficient Participants - Highly Experienced Organizers - This is what would make the most successful entrepreneurial event till date. With the eminent speakers to address the to be entrepreneurs and rush the wave of motivation through them, the society intends to give an all round experience to the participants; an experience that would give them an exposure to the PRACTICALITY and force them to MOVE OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE, the qualities that a wanterpreneur essentially requires to be a successful Entrepreneur.

Under the heading of e-summit, 3 events would take place, namely, eNNOVATE, The Sherlock Diaries and The Marketing Maestro, which would assess the participants on 3 scales- Passion, Determination and Spontaneity.

1. eNNOVATE The Business Plan Competition:

Do you have a product and are looking to get funded ?
Do you think you have a brilliant idea but want to know other opinions ?
Are you preparing a product and want to create some pre-launch hype ?
Are you good at giving presentations ?
Do you want to be an entrepreneur ?

If, your answer to any of the above listed questions is a YES, then, this is the place!

We, at eCell NSIT, think that, from the idea, to its validation, to the proper presentation of your brainchild, pitching for the funding requirement after listing your practical targets for the near future, are all very important for a successful startup. Hence, we bring to you eNNOVATE , an annual Business Plan competition of The Entrepreneurship Cell, NSIT which would give you an opportunity to present your product in front of the esteemed panel of judges, in front of the users and to get a different perspective on your idea, and hence, helping you to get a validation over the same. And what's more, if the panel likes your idea, you might stand a chance to get funded!

Submit your Business Plan Deck, and wait for the results ! Also, look out at our page for details on the judges !

Rules :

1.The maximum team size is 5 members. One leader and upto 4 members. Individual participation is also allowed.

2. The startup must have a prototype ready. In case the startup doesn't have a prototype, a strong presentation is recommended.

3. Do include the stage that your startup currently is in, in your summary.

4. The Subject of your mail should be in the following format : " TeamName_LeaderName".

5. Submissions have to be made before 25th January to in PDF or PPT format.

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2. Sherlock Diaries- The case study competition:

Sherlock Diaries is the flagship case study competition of The Entrepreneurship Summit, NSIT, which aims at building a vision and judging intellectual problem solving approach by giving the students real world problems.
Who doesn't know about SHERLOCK! His presence of mind, intelligence and spontaneity made him THE SHERLOCK. Hence, to give students an outlook to the real life global business situations, by giving you some intellectual and puzzling situations, we bring to you "THE SHERLOCK DIARIES"- A competition in which no answer is either right or wrong. Teams would be assessed on Innovative thinking, practicality, rational thinking and development of comprehensive strategy.
So what are you waiting for? Unleash the detective within you for excellence and success will follow.

Wit, charisma and knowledge, all packed in a single personality makes Sherlock, a one of his kind. Hence, we bring forth an event that will make you follow his footsteps to greatness. Sherlock Diaries is the flagship case study competition of The Entrepreneurship Summit, NSIT, which aims at building vision and judging intellectual problem solving approach by giving the students real world problems.

This competition has 3 challenging rounds :

Round 1 : Online prelims: With a stipulated time period of 28 hours, teams have to solve their respective case study, and submit the solutions to Entrepreneurship Cell, NSIT at "".

Round 2 : With the time boundation of 4 hours, teams have to solve their mind boggling case study, and submit the inferences to Entrepreneurship Cell, NSIT at "".

Round 3 : Selected teams would be invited to the campus for the final round. A new case would be given, and teams have to solve it at the venue to be crowned as the new Sherlock.

Rules :
- A team can have maximum of 5 participating members.
- Cross college teams are allowed.
- The first case would be mailed on 20th January, the solution to which has to be submitted before 22 January 11.59 p.m..
- The solution has to be mailed to
- The subject of your solution mail must be in the following format "TeamName_LeadersName".
- The Solution should be submitted in a pdf format.
- Arial font size 12 has to be used in the solution.
- The teams can use any medium to collect information, and can make any estimates, and assumptions. However, assumption made to be cleared specified.
- The selected teams, based on the decision of Entrepreneurship Cell, NSIT would be invited for the final on-campus round where a new problem statement would be given to the participants.

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So brace yourself for the best of the entrepreneurial experience to make you all cognizant with the nitty gritties of the field.

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eNNOVATE - The Bplan Competition
Sherlock Diaries- The Case Study Competition

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MBA Commerce Design BBA

How to reach Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology NSIT, Delhi

Near Dwarka mor metro station

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