TechNIdarshan '15, NMAM Institute of Technology Nitte, Technical Symposium, Mangalore, Karnataka, 29th - 31st October 2015

Category :
Technical Symposium
Event Type:
Start Date :
29th October 2015
End Date :
31st October 2015
Location :
Mangalore, Karnataka
Organizer :
NMAM Institute of Technology Nitte

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TechNIdarshan '15

About Event

Technidarshan is a National Level Technical Fest organised by NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte. 7 branches, 45 events, over 5000 students joined hands to triangulate all efforts in crafting a challenging expedition, which goes by the name TECH NIDARSHAN. Apart from the classic events of previous editions, this year we showcase new events like Naksha, Talaash, Tech-Ops, etc The challenge has gone higher this time; the spirits have escalated to fresher realms, where learning is the only possible motto and message, perhaps the only way out. TechNidarshan'15 promises to strike again with bigger dreams and wider horizons leaving no stone unturned to magnify the brand event of the college!


General Events
• Dexter’s Laboratory
• Thinking Cap
• Keyboard Ninja
• Let’s Roll It
• Computer Warfare
• Keep it Simple Silly
• Tech Juggling
• Digital Assault 2K15
• Sherlocked
• Tantragni
• Can You Fix It?
• Speedcubing
• Panchatantram
• Tech-Ads
• Ungoogle
• Tech-eshi-castle

Design & Build
• Creative Touch
• Set It On Ground
• CADDmania
• Contraptions
• Fiery Birds

• Linkin Part 4.0

• Auto Quiz
• Battle IT Out

• Code Studio
• Webbed 6.0

• Twistease
• Cardomania
• Techtainment
• Robothon
• Suryasparsham
• Burn and Run
• Tech-Roadies 4.0
• Tech-Ops

Mega Treasure Hunt
• Huntertainment
• Adrenaline Rush
• Clash of Clans Reloaded
• Naksha
• Game Of Clues Returns
• Talaash
• Despicable Me

Paper Presentations
• Poster Presentation
• Papyrus
• Tera Byte
• Symposium

Tech Bits
• Labyrinth
• Paintball
• Laser Tag
• Auto Expo


Tall Buildings Design by Civil Simplified
Internet of Things (IoT) by Internal Resource Person

Event Caption

Combat. Strive. Survive.

Event Theme

World War


CSE ECE IT EEE Mechanical Civil BioTechnology

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