National Students Space Challenge 2013, IIT Kharagpur, , Kharagpur, West Bengal, 6th - 8th September 2013

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Start Date :
6th September 2013
End Date :
8th September 2013
Location :
Kharagpur, West Bengal
Organizer :
IIT Kharagpur

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National Students Space Challenge 2013

About Event

National Students Space Challenge is the sole technical fest of its genre dedicated to promoting space enthusiasm in India. It was conceived by Space Technology Students Society, a group of IITians from various disciplines working towards a common goal of motivating space interest among the student community of India, which is trying to emerge as one of the major forefronts in the field of space technology. Officially, spAts is the student body of Kalpana Chawala Space Technology Cell (KCSTC), the contact point of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), at IIT Kharagpur. We have had the constant support of ISRO in all our activities and initiatives. Having had an experience of a tremendous participation last year, we plan to make it even bigger this time and rise to a higher level of intellectual and technical expertise. The events to be conducted at NSSC 13 provide you with an overwhelming opportunity to tackle real life space problems and take a step further as a budding space scientist. Create a pathway to all minable asteroids to meet the demands of ever decreasing natural sources, build the next generation rover for a rescue mission or a water-rocket, design an underwater rover and give your best shot when you battle with the best brains of the country. We are giving you this opportunity to leave your mark in the biggest national level space competition of India, and bag prizes worth Rs. 2,50,000! Put the paddle to your mettle and get those brain juices flowing.


Water Rocketry Drill Droid - Space Drilling Minestroid - Mining Asteroids using Image Processing Designeer - Overnite CAD event Space Trek Submerge II - Underwater Robotics Challenge SpaceBin - Paper presentation event Workshops Guest Lectures


Instrumentation Mechanical Chemical Other

How to reach IIT Kharagpur

2 Hours train from Howrah to Kharagpur. 15 minutes journey from Kharagpur station to IIT Kharagpur

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