2nd International Conference on Electronics and Sustainable Communication Systems ICESC 2021, Hindusthan Institute of Technology, International Conference, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 4th - 6th August 2021

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  • Start Date: 4th August 2021
  • End Date: 6th August 2021
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2nd International Conference on Electronics and Sustainable Communication Systems ICESC 2021


In this contemporary era of Informatics, electronics, and communication technologies it has always been critical to develop a more sustainable electronics and communication systems to meet the increasing technological demands. To effectively maintain a sustainable environment and communication technologies, it is always required to meet the quality of service requirements of the emerging smart ICT applications. Nevertheless there are many challenges in reducing the energy consumption of the emerging digital electronics and wireless communication networks. In this perspective, this 2nd International Conference on Electronics and Sustainable Communication Systems (ICESC 2021) held at Hindustan Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India on 04-06 August, 2021 brings together the state-of-the-art research works to propose novel architectures, models, and algorithms for solving the emerging challenges in almost all the areas of sustainable electronics and communication technologies.


Keynote Speakers
Dr. N. Kumarappan,
Chairman, IEEE Madras Section and Professor,
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering and Technology,
Annamalai University,
Tamil Nadu, India.

Dr. D. Nirmal,
IEEE ExeCom Member, Madras Section and IEEE ED past Chair,
Associate Professor,
Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences,
Coimbatore, India.

Dr. Joao Manuel R. S. Tavares,
Universidade do Porto (FEUP),

Dr. Joy Chen,
Head - AI Lab & Professor,
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Da-Yeh University,

Mr. R. Valanarasu
Senior Consultant,
Enterprise Application Services,
Infosys Ltd.


Paper Presentation Topics

Modern Electronic Systems and Devices
Bio-Inspired Circuits and Systems
Digital Circuits and Systems
Power System and Its Automation
Intelligent Control Systems
Semiconductor Devices
Micro and Nano Engineering
Applied Electronics
Bio-Inspired Circuits and Systems
VLSI Systems and Its Applications
Robotics and Automation Systems
Hybrid Power Systems
Photonics and Opto Electronics
MEMS and Nano Electronic Devices
Smart Electronic Materials

Ad hoc Networks
Antenna and Wave Propagation
Microwave Communication
Digital Communication Systems
Mobile Communication Systems
Future Wireless Internet
Cooperative communication frameworks
Wireless sensor networks
Smart Grid Communications
Next-Generation Networking techniques
Communication Modeling, QoS and Reliability

Cloud Computing
Nature-Inspired Computing Techniques
Sustainable Computing Models and Applications
Service-Oriented Computing and Applications
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Machine Learning and Computing
Evolutionary Computing
Emotional Intelligence
Mobile Computing
Artificial Intelligence
High Performance Computing
Distributed Computing
Cyber-Physical Systems

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