AICTE Sponsored Atal FDP (online) on actionable AI in Cyber Security 2020, Kongu Engineering College, Faculty Development Programme, Erode, Tamil Nadu, 14th - 18th December 2020

  • Category: Faculty Development Programme
  • Start Date: 14th December 2020
  • End Date: 18th December 2020
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AICTE Sponsored Atal FDP (online) on actionable AI in Cyber Security 2020


In digital era cyber space plays a major role in information technology. As cyber attacks grow in volume and complexity, artificial Intelligence (AI) provides security for several threats. Emerging technologies put cyber security at risk. Even the new advancements in defensive strategies of security professionals fail at some point. Besides, as offensive-defensive strategies and innovations are running in a never-ending cycle, the complexity and volume of cyber-attacks have increased. AI can efficiently analyze user behaviors, deduce a pattern, and identify all sorts of abnormalities or irregularities in the network. With such data, it’s much easier to identify cyber vulnerabilities quickly. Contrarily, the responsibilities which are now dependent on human intelligence will then be susceptible to malicious cyber programs imitating legitimate AI-based algorithms. AI automation will be able to identify recurring incidents and even remediate them. It will also be able to manage insider threats and device management. Complicated hacking techniques, such as obfuscation, and polymorphism make it a real challenge to identify malicious programs. Besides, security engineers with domain-specific workforce shortage are another issue. With AI stepping into cyber security, experts and researchers are trying to use its potential to identify and counteract sophisticated cyber-attacks with minimal human intervention. AI, machine learning and deep learning has enabled security professionals to learn about new attack vectors.
This FDP aims to provide a platform for researchers, academicians, industry fellows to know about the latest innovations and research gap in cyber security using AI


1. Threats and vulnerabilities in Cyber Security
2. Demystifying AI.
3. Insights on Cyber Security Tools
4. Foundations of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
5. Applications of AI in
a. Behavior analysis
b. Intrusion Detection
c. Anomaly Detection
d. DOS/DDOS Attack
e. Fake news Identification


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