Chemplus 2019, IIT Madras, Chemical Engineering Symposium, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 15th - 17th March 2019

  • Category: Chemical Engineering Symposium
  • Start Date: 15th March 2019
  • End Date: 17th March 2019
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Chemplus 2019


Greetings from Indian Institute of Technology ,Madras

Chemical Engineering Society, in association with Department of Chemical Engineering , IIT Madras and Chemical Engineering Symposium presents you ,the festival of chemical engineering, CHEM+,2019.As we all know ,we are a worldwide expert participation association for synthetic designing experts and anybody required with procedure venture.We have more than 40,000 individuals and 20 urban communities.
We are proud to present the 12th edition of our annual technical festival and this time its CHEM+,scheduled to happen from 15th of march to 17th of march ,2019.CHEM+ aims to nurture young minds and help them to grow .We also aim to raise an awareness that chemical engineering is not chemistry.We are organising an awareness event to put an end on this confusion .Join and learn ,what chemical engineering is all about.

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We have a prize money of worth Rs 70 K for various events and competitions .We are organising workshops ,which are really useful in today's world .We have three workshops namely Aspen ,R and Matlab and people .Not only students but people from all age groups can participate in it .We have events ,which mostly focus on chemical engineering like Chemical X , Chem E Car ,Chem E Debate ,Aquarocket and much more.Apart from these events ,we have other events which allows participation from all the other departments and are not based solely on chemical engineering , such events include Informals ,Photography etc .

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How to reach IIT Madras, Chennai

Indian Institute of Technology Madras
IIT P.O., Chennai 600 036
You can reach IIT Madras through the following gates:
Main Gate (in and out) : Opposite to C.L.R.I and beside The Adyar Cancer Institute, on Sardar Patel Road, Adyar, Chennai.