international Conference on Power, Energy, Control and Transmission Systems 2018, Sri Sairam Engineering College, International Conference, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 22nd - 23rd February 2018

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  • Start Date: 22nd February 2018
  • End Date: 23rd February 2018
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international Conference on Power, Energy, Control and Transmission Systems 2018


Globalization today pervades almost every facet of human life, thanks to the emergence of new renewable technologies in power and energy. Meantime, power generation, transmission and utilization plays a major role in people's everyday lives and permeates in all respects. The Conference is an ideal forum for researchers to share their findings and thoughts with their fellow researchers across the world. The main objective of this conference is to create awareness and also to provide a perfect platform for the participants to upgrade their knowledge in power and energy engineering to discuss the ways to disseminate the awareness of the latest developments and advances in the field of Electrical Engineering and Technology. This conference will serve as a platform for fruitful interaction among research scholars, scientists and academicians. This conference reflects the current focus on global research, recent developments, challenges and emerging trends in power and energy transmission and utilization. English is the official language of the conference.



Paper Presentation Topics

I. Power Generation and Transmission
 PMU and wide area measurement applications in transmission system
 Grid Security, Privacy and Resilience
 Power electronics applications in intelligent grid
 Emerging Business Models for Utilities
 Smart initiatives in large renewable generation integration and operation
 Renewable energy forecast and scheduling
 Smart initiatives in the planning, operation, control and protection of large interconnected systems.
 Emerging trends in the grid operation and control
 Solar metamaterials

II. Energy & Power Distribution
 Smart Energy systems to enable Smart Cities.
 Distribution Automation.
 Micro grid.
 Smart grid
 Demand Response
 Wireless Broadband Opportunities in the Smart Home.
 Wireless/ WiMAX Opportunities for Utilities.
 Distributed Generation.
 Energy Storage and the Grid.
 Smart metering issues & protocol.
 Technological trends in distribution infrastructure.
 Emerging Smart Home Applications & Home Energy Management.
 Efficient lighting and HVAC systems.
 Distribution System Reliability in smart grid/smart city environment.

III. High Voltage Engineering
 Electromagnetic Fields: Computation, Measurement
 Transients and EMC: Lightning, Switching, Repetitive Transients
 High Voltage Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation
 High Voltage Insulation System: Air, Gas, Vacuum Dielectrics
 High Voltage Insulation System: Liquid, Solid Dielectrics
 Outdoor Insulation: Insulator, Environmental Effects
 High Voltage Cable Insulation
 Insulation of High Voltage Transformer and Machine
 Grounding Systems
 High Voltage Insulation for UHV AC and DC System
 High Electrical Stress Insulation System for Electronic Devices
 New Insulation Materials
 Aging, Space Charge, and Industrial Applications
 High Voltage Apparatus: Reliability and Maintenance
 Online Condition Monitoring, Fault Diagnosis
 New Features and Special Interests in High Voltage Engineering
 High Voltage Applications in Smart Grid
 High Voltage Engineering Education
IV. Control of Electrical system
 Control of offshore wind power generation with gird connectivity.
 Integrating, Controlling, and monitoring multiple micro-grids.
 Smart monitoring, metering, and control.
 Maintenance and payment for on and off-grid distribution systems.
 Effects of electrification: Environmental, Economic, and Social for Building Sustainable Systems for Customers and Sectors.
 Grid Automation & Control
 MEMS and Nano-technology
 Power Line communication and wireless transmission systems
 Soft computing techniques in power system control.
 Robotics and Automation
 Guided vehicles

V. Transportation Engineering
• Electric and Hybrid Cars and Trucks
• More-Electric and Electric Ships
• More-Electric Aircraft
• Electric Rail and Light Rail Systems
• Off-road Vehicle Systems
• Personal Transport
• Batteries, Battery Charging and Management
• Networked Vehicles
• High-Power Wireless Power Transfer
• Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Grid Interaction Issues
• IEEE Standards in Transportation and Vehicles

Fest Guests

The plenary talk for day 1 of the “International Conference on Power, Energy Control and Transmission Systems 2018”will be given by Dr. CHENG CHIN, Associate Professor, System Design and Simulation, Newcastle University, Singapore.The plenary talk for day 2 of the “International Conference on Power Energy Control and Transmission Systems 2018” will be given by Dr. NUR ASHIDA BINTI SALIM Senior Lecturer,Center for Power Engineering Studies (CePES),UniversitiTeknologi Mara,Shah Alam, Malaysia.


Limited Hostel Accommodation is Available for Outstation Participants and Provided on Payment Basis following the College Norms. The Participants has to Intimate in Advance for Availing the Accommodation. Bus Routes and Timing are Available in the College.

How to reach Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai

Sri Sai Ram Engineering College, Chennai Bypass Bridge, Sai Leo Nagar, West Tambaram, Kovur, Tamil Nadu 600044

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