MANAGERIA2K16, Delhi School of Management, Management Fest, Delhi, Delhi, 9th March 2016

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  • Start Date: 9th March 2016
  • End Date: 9th March 2016
  • Event Mode: Venue
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“An "eye" on the vision is more important than an "I" in the vision.”

About the event
The road to any nation's transition from developing to developed begins with the startup culture of the nation. India's time has started now, but there is still a long road to explore. Start your exploration through the insights and experiences of people who made their business ideas into Unicorn brand names, in "Startup Talk" which will witness eminent entrepreneurs, investors and representatives from several business startups of the country talking about plethora of topics from the Startup world.
Students will have an active participation in the discussion by submitting their questions on the registration page which will be collected and asked to the panelists by the moderator.

Best Entrepreneurial Idea Competition:
Participants may submit their entrepreneurial idea on the registration page. Idea should be completely explained in the form of a presentation of 3-5 slides. Few of the best ideas will be selected and will be awarded. The winners will also get an opportunity to pitch their idea in front of the panel.

The flow of panel discourse will go as per following algorithm:
- The identification of the "viable idea" and turning it into a business plan.
- The legal, monetary, social and executory challenges faced by the entrepreneurs.
- Government support and policies for startups.
- Funding and valuation.
- Environment build-up for growth of startups in India.

Kindly register your presence and submit your questions here.
Your entrepreneurial idea can be mailed at with the subject set as “ BEIA “

Contact Details:

Kartik Nair : +91-8860206569

Osho Kharbanda: +91-9811310096

E-mail id:


Ad- Mad Show

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does”
– Steuart Henderson Britt

Only a few are blessed by the talent of effective advertising. The Ad Mad Show competition is the perfect platform to showcase that you have the knack to advertise and win hearts. The Ad Mad Show is an opportunity to bring out individual and collective talent of the participants. The concept of the show is unique in the sense that it gives a platform to young talented people to showcase their abilities to perform yet be creative.
Its objective is to acquaint the students about promotional strategies in marketing through advertisements. It comprises of humorous & conceptual ad presentation by the students. Students will act out on various advertisement script and ideas relevant for different sectors including FMCG product, while goods, services, automobiles and social awareness etc. All the teams will be given a time frame to showcase their talent.
This competition will test all of the skills that make a perfect manager. So, tickle some neurons, pump up some adrenaline and come head on with the best prospective managers of the country.

The event will be conducted in two rounds.
Round 1: Online Round
1. In this round, participants will have to submit an audio or video advertisement for the bundled products .
2. Participants have to make their ad on the following bundled product:
Pitchguard (Itch relief cream)
Bluebull (Instant energy drink)
{The ad should give equal weightage to both the products}
3. The advertisement can be in the form of a video or an audio illustrating the same of not more than 1 minute.
4. The participants shall send their advertisement (in video or audio format) to before “3rd March 2016” with file name Team Name_CollegeName_Manageria (Note: The name of the team and college name should be clearly mentioned in the subject and content of the mail. )
5. The participants are expected to showcase their creativity and out of the box thinking in the advertisement.
6. The advertisement should not be of more than 1 minute.

Round 2: In campus round
1. The shortlisted teams of Round 1 will be competing for Final Round in DSM Campus.
2. Teams will be given a product or service in the format of “Old Wine in a New Bottle” for which they will have to create and present an advertisement. This will be presented in the form of a skit in front of the audiences.
3. The name and type of product or service will be disclosed to the participants 48 hours before the event date.
4. The participants may bring suitable props and accessories to facilitate their presentation.
5. Time allowed to present the ad will be 3-5 minutes.

Kindly register here:


Cash Prize of Rs.20,000 for the Winners along with goodies and coupons.
Certificates will be provided to all the Finalists.

Dates Details
26 Feb-3 Mar Registration
3rd March (11:59pm) Deadline for Submission of Round 1
5th March Shortlisted entries disclosure.
9th March (9 am) Round 2- The Final Round (On-Campus)

General Rules:
1.This competition is open for anyone and everyone studying in a UG or PG course.
2. Team of 3-5 members can register for the competition.
3. No person can be part of more than one team.
4. Multiple teams can participate from one college.
6. All the teams registering are required to like the face book page :
7. The ad prepared by the contestants must not contain any obscene words/any subject that hurts the feelings of a culture/language/religion/region.
8. The contestants are strictly advised not to disclose the name of their college/Institution to the jury members/audience.
9. Disobedience of rules may lead to disqualification.
10. The decision of the judge is final and abiding.
11. Last date to register for the event and submission for Round 1 is
3rd March 2016.
12. The contestants should not be involved in any act of plagiarism.
Contact Details:

Akshay Darmwal : +91-8750752392

Shivesh Dwivedi: +91-9540267345

Abhishree Bani: +91-9740443091

E-mail id:


Facebook page name: Manageria’16


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