Aavriti 2016, IIT Bombay, Electrical Engineering Department Fest, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 12th - 13th March 2016

  • Category: Electrical Engineering Department Fest
  • Start Date: 12th March 2016
  • End Date: 13th March 2016
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Aavriti 2016


AAVRITI (Formerly known as AAGOMANI) was conceptualized in 2004 as the annual research and technological festival of the Electrical Engineering Department at IIT Bombay. AAVRITI aims to bridge the gap between industry & academia by encouraging exchange of ideas and providing opportunities for technical interactions. It also helps the students to expand their horizons and learn things beyond their engineering syllabus, since there’s no substitute for hands-on practical experience and pointers from the experts in industry.


Competitions on 13th March, 2016 :
1. Line Following Robot
2. Robo Soccer Challenge


Workshops on 12th March, 2016 :
1. PCB Design and Fabrication
2. SWARM Robotics
3. Android Application Development
4. 5-in-1 Robotics

Workshops on 13th March, 2016 :
1. Internet of Things (IoT)
2. Unity 3D Game Development
3. Accelero-Hexapod Botix
4. 6th Sense Technology


Event Caption

National Engineering Excellence Championship