6 - Days Summer Training Program on Advanced Automotive Technologies (AAT - 2015), Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Summer Training Program, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 1st - 6th June 2015

  • Category: Summer Training Program
  • Start Date: 1st June 2015
  • End Date: 6th June 2015
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6 - Days Summer Training Program on Advanced Automotive Technologies (AAT - 2015)


The event is a pure celebration of automobile engineering and the growth of industry over the years. Any Automotive enthusiasts (under grad & passed out’s) can join Only limited seats per each centre available and the seats are filled on "FIRST COME & FIRST SERVE” *REGISTRATION CLOSES ON MAY 25TH 2015 * HURRY UP LIMITED SEATS ONLY


TRAINING STRUCTURE DAY-1 (TECHNICAL ASPECTS IN BIKE STUNTS)  Briefing about stunt riding  What is stunt riding  How to stunt  Key ideas for stunt riding  Stunt Bike build up  Stunt bike setup  Technical aspects  What will happen to bike with all the modification  What all we need for a bike to setup a stunt machine  Detailed review of the revolution of stunt riding 2014-2015  Stunt show DAY-2 (AUTOMOTIVE AERODYNAMICS)  Future aerodynamics design of F1 race car  Crash analysis on high speed cars  Power fuel for race cars  Effect of advanced composite materials on vehicle performance  Future research challenges in automobile engineering DAY-3 (F1 CAR MODIFICATIONS)  How to get into motorsports (2W and 4W)  How does a race track is built  Small modification and massive bump in performance  Intro on racing in India  Performance enhancing in cars and bikes  New Generation Bikes and Cars  Suspension, ECU, LSD and Rol bars in F1 Car DAY-4 (AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONICS)  E-Bikes  Engine electronics  Transmission electronics  Chassis electronics  Mechatronic module for electrical power steering  Sensors and controllers for automatic control  Power electronic modules DAY-5 (ASSEMBLING AND DISMANTLING)  Engine Overhauling  Four stroke three cylinder petrol engine  Four stroke single cylinder petrol engine  Four stroke single cylinder diesel engine  Two stroke single cylinder petrol engine  Starter motor  Ignition system  Carburettor  Transmission system & Alternator DAY-6 (PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE)  Automobile Industry Expectation  Advanced electric function in Bikes & cars  Advanced brake & control dynamics in car  Recent trends in automobile safety  F1 engine strip down and analysis/ Car includes  Current research areas in IC engine Students have opportunity to Drive Races and also to Practice in National Level championships Races

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India’s Hottest Automobile Training Program


yes Accommodation in college hostel which includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Chennai - Rs.300 Per day FOR ACCOMODATION CONTACT ARUL ARASU - 9444583174

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