STEER 2015, SSN College of Engineering, National Conference, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 27th - 28th February 2015

  • Category: National Conference
  • Start Date: 27th February 2015
  • End Date: 28th February 2015
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STEER 2015


STEER is a NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABLE TRENDS IN ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES Organized by SSN College of Engineeringin association with Indian institute of Chemical Engineers.. A sustainable environment ensures availability of resources to the present and future generations. A major source of energy to the present day world is fossil fuel but it is depleting at an exponential rate. The main objective of this conference is to bring to limelight, the merging arenas of research and development in the energy and environment sector. It provides a forum for distinguished guest speakers and practitioners to address recent research results and to present and discuss related issues in energy and environment. The conference will be a forum for new ideas and concepts and will STEER the students and researchers into a new spectrum of study. We hope that this conference will open the minds of the students to explore innovative applications of Chemical Engineering. This conference is highly inter-disciplinary and relevant papers and posters are invited....


LIST OF EVENTS : PAPER PRESENTATION POSTER PRESENTATION GUEST LECTURES SPECIAL EVENT: WORKSHOP ON COMSOL List OF Thrust Areas: 1. Bio technology/Bio sensor/ Bio process 2. Clean Fuel technology / Eco friendly technology / Green technology 3. Effluent treatment / Wastewater treatment 4. Nano-technology / Novel materials technology 5. Pollution abatement 6. Process intensification 7. Technologies/sources for renewable energy 8. Modelling, simulation, control and optimisation


Will be provided for long distance participants on sharing basis

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