Mind-Spark '14, College of Engineering Pune, Technical Fest, Pune, Maharashtra, 19th - 21st September 2014

  • Category: Technical Fest
  • Start Date: 19th September 2014
  • End Date: 21st September 2014
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Mind-Spark '14


About COEP: College of Engineering, Pune (Establishment 1854), the 3rd oldest college in Asia, and producer of great engineering minds like Sir. M Visvesvaraya, was granted autonomy in 2003. It has been instrumental in making Pune the “Oxford of the East”. The DC-QMR Survey,14 ranked it the 14th best engineering college in India. It is a centre of Excellence, and strives to uphold the values of Strength, Truth and Endurance. COEP has numerous clubs to aid the co-curricular vigour. The students have proven their mettle with their out-of-the-box thinking and stretched the boundaries beyond existing engineering norms. About Mindspark: Mindspark, COEP’s annual technical festival, began in 2007, and has given a platform for young engineers to showcase their technical brilliance. Mindspark ’13 highlighted the need of technology for development. This eighth edition of Mindspark consists of 52 events, divided over 12 modules. It will be based on the need of innovations to tackle day-to-day problems effectively. So ignite your world by taking a part of this technical extravaganza! Theme: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” –Albert Einstein. Where simple solutions are preferred over cumbersome designs, innovation at the most basic level is required in your daily lives. The flagship event of MS ’14 – InnoVision aims to bring these innovations into limelight.


Maschinell- Mechanical/Production Palazzo - Civil Pulse - E.E.I. Logicize - Comp/IT Eureka - Multi-disciplinary Ferrum - Metallurgy Erevna - PPT Adhyaya - Workshops Kogaku - Robotics Interrogo - Quizzing Entusiasta - Non-Technical Prodigy- Newbies

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Ignite Your World


Accommodation will be available at the college hostel at the rate of Rs.250 per day (with meals).

How to reach College of Engineering Pune

Public transport is easily available. Both, the bus stand and the railway station are in the vicinity of the college campus.

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