Hephaestus 14, Velammal Engineering College, Information Technology Symposium, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 16th August 2014

  • Category: Information Technology Symposium
  • Start Date: 16th August 2014
  • End Date: 16th August 2014
  • Event Mode: Venue
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Hephaestus 14


"HEPHAESTUS 14"- A national level technical symposium conducted by the department of Information Technology , welcomes you all to join us with our "HOPE" to dwell into a new era of technology and innovation. We are hosting 13 breath-taking events of which you can be a part of! Your curiosity and enthusiasm will be doubled when you walk into our symposium. So, what are you waiting for ? It's now or never. Online registration is available and don't forget to be on the spot at our campus on August 16th, 2014.


Topics of Papers 1. intrusion detection 2.software reuse 3. neural network 4.4G technology in mobile communication 5.future of mobile communication system 6.zigbee enabled phone for home automation 7.fuzzy logic 8.cloud computing 9.grid computing 10.remote sensor and other innovative ideas Other events in the symposium are : photography mock interview web design matiz screenplay mastermind gaming code master aqua arena query corner WORKSHOP Ethical Hacking(Registration Fees:- Rs:800-)