Panache 2013, Vivekananda Institute of Technology Jaipur, , Jaipur, Rajasthan, 28th February - 2nd March 2013

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  • Start Date: 28th February 2013
  • End Date: 2nd March 2013
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Panache 2013


Techno Cultural and Sports Fest


Fun Events 1.Matki Fod 2.Cycle Stunt 3.Jung-E-Hunger 4.Funny Cricket 5.Slow Bicycling 6.Turtle Bikerz 7.Fun Dance 8.Blind Date 9.Survival Series 10.Aventura 11.Panache 2013 Live 12.Chef-O-Vit (Only For Boys) Cultural 1.Solo Dance 2.Group Dance 3.Face Off(Dance) 4.Solo Song 5.Duet Song 6.Instrumental 7.Antakshari 8.Kavya Pravha(Self Composed) 9.Skit 10.Fashion Show 11.Laughter Challenge 12.Sinister (Rock Band) Non-Technical 1.Face Painting 2.Treasure Hunt 3.Roaddies 4.Fear Factor 5.Army Test 6.Feed The Giant 7.Rj Hunt 8.Ad Mad Show 9.Clay Modelling 10.Lan Gaming 11.Nostalgia 12.Bollywood Quiz Robotics Technical 1.Circuit Trix 2.Technical Quiz 3.Mind Hunt 4.Code Master 5.Maths Master 6.Web Crafters 7.Ignited Minds 8.Crazy Mason 9.Bridge Walker 10.Mind Twister 11.Mac Assemblo 12.Auto Cad 13.Java Mind Function 14.Vanestrodum Sports 1.Football 2.Badminton (Boys& Girls) 3.Table Tennis 4.Basketball 5.Volleyball 6.Atheletics 7.Kho Kho(Girls) 8.Kabaddi(Boys) 9.Chess 10.Karate Champianship 11.Cricket 12.Muscle Man Vit Ieee Consortium Vit Marathon

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