E-Summit 20, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Entrepreneurship Summit, Delhi, Delhi, 13th - 14th February 2020

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  • Start Date: 13th February 2020
  • End Date: 14th February 2020
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E-Summit 20


E-Summit '20 is a 2 day program which brings a bag full of opportunities to create ideas of their own, know new things about the business and entrepreneurial world we live in. It is very known that we all have ideas about how we can create a better future, but we don't actually know how can we give it a perfect form. The Summit enables the spectators to watch and observe how various people have made it possible and have created out of their ideas into a profitable product or service in the market. We have organised various activities that can help know more about oneself. Entrepreneurs, Startups, Employers, Youtubers, Businesses, Institutions, Industrialists, Teachers, Professors and students from various departments, colleges, courses inconsiderate of differences in course, subject and age can be a part of this event. We respectfully welcome each and everyone to our first ever and the biggest Entrepreneurial Summit of Rohini.



DAY 1: -

Social media is a rising field that has taken the world by storm. Social media is a great platform for connecting with others and reaching a wider audience. Instagram is one of the most used Social Media platforms. With over 1 billion users Instagram is a people’s favourite and businesses have started venturing into the possibilities of this platform. With SNAP-O-MANIA, we test out this platform in creating an inclusive event. In this event, the participants would compete on the basis of their Instagram following. This is the challenge for your influence. All you have to do is to post a pic and get as many likes as you possibly can. The participant who can get the most likes on their post would be awarded the winner of SNAP-O-MANIA 2020.

• Must have a public/private Instagram account with more than 300 followers
• Only individual participants allowed, no teams.
• The registration fee is Rs. 30.

Take a picture anywhere in the decorated campus and post on your Instagram. Tag the picture with the official handle of Bizmind (@ecell_maims).

The post with the most likes would be the winner of SNAP-O-MANIA. The results would be announced the following day.

Devil follows is a fun game that tests your senses and communication. This classic game has always been a favourite. It involves a team of 3 to 4 people who work in unison by trusting each other’s judgement. It’s a game that challenges your sense of direction, how well you give orders and how well you receive them. The co-ordination between the team members is the key to winning this game. The only team would win who can communicate perfectly and listen carefully.

• Team of 3 to 4 contestants only for participation
• The registration fee is Rs. 20/person

There would be 3 tracks marked on the floor where –

• 1st person will be on one end
• 2nd person will be blindfolded.
• 3rd person will guide the blindfolded person to where the 1st person is standing.
• There would be obstacles present in the track that the 3rd person will guide the 2nd person through.
• If there is a 4th participant, His role would be confusing other participants.




Every innovative and revolutionary business idea requires one thing to flourish. Investors. With Business Roadies, the participants are put in a similar situation as that of the famous show Shark Tank. This event requires an apt marketing strategy, an innovative idea and a business savvy mind. The budding entrepreneurs have a chance to show their talent and unique ideas and convince our Sharks (Judges), why they should invest in their business venture. The participants with the best presentation and the most convincing business models would be awarded the winner of Business Roadies 2020.

• There is no registration fee.

The participants are required to come up with a product or service and prepare a business model surrounding that product. They have to present this model in front of the judges to convince them to invest in their venture. The participants with the most unique idea and best marketing strategy would be awarded winner.

DAY 2: -

Marketing is one of the building blocks of a successful business and a key skill to have for any aspiring entrepreneur. The ability to sell your products and services is an art a few can master. In this event, participants would compete against each other on the basis of their marketing strategy. The participants would have to come up with unique branding and marketing strategies that would set them apart from their competition and catch the attention of buyers. Compete against other marketing enthusiast and show your talent to become the winner of MARKET KSHTERA 2020
• Free participation
• Individual participants and team of two allowed participating.

The participants would be given a random product on the spot. They have to market the product to their best abilities in creative ways. The participant whose marketing strategy is the most impressive would be declared the winner.

Business all around the world work under a certain restrictions of funds. Since no business has endless funds, it’s important for any business to understand the value of budgeting and making the most out of the resources that they have. It’s an important lesson for budding entrepreneurs to learn about the value of money. In this event, the participants are tested on their resourcefulness and ability to make the most out of things. With a set amount of money, participants would have to bend their brains to figure out the best way to optimize the resources that are given to them. The participant with the most impressive show of resourcefulness would be awarded the winner of 100 KA FUNDA 2020.

• Registration fee is Rs. 100 per team.
• Teams of 2 to 3 people are allowed to participate. WHAT TO DO: -
Each team has to come up with a product or service of Rs. 100 only. The teams would have access to only the things that come under Rs. 100.

Jenga is a classic game that has been a people’s favourite for a long time. With hundreds of different versions of this game that are played around the world, we decided to join in on the fun. In this fun game that keeps you on your toes, participants would have to pull out a piece on their turn and either answer a question or complete a task. For every right answer and task completed the participant would be allotted points. When the Jenga falls, the points of every participant would be compared and the one with most points would be the winner of JUNG-E-VYAPAR 2020.

• Individual participants or team of 2 are allowed to participate
• Registration fee is Rs. 50 per person.

This game would involve the participants playing Jenga. In this Jenga, each tile would have a certain task or a question.

For every correct answer the participants would be given 5 points. For every task completed they would be given 10 points.
When the Jenga collapses the player with the highest number of points would be awarded the winner.


In this event, we would gather bright minds to talk about certain topics that are relevant in today’s age. The members of the panel would discuss their opinions and views on the presented topic and give an insight to the conversation. This would be a discussion that would give you varied perspective on the topics that are relevant in this day and age. The panel discussion would be in two sets: - Set 1 and Set 2. It would take place in main auditorium. These discussions would last for 90-120 minutes.

There would be inaugural events both days.

• Investing/ Finance area
• Start-ups and apps
• Talent and digital
• Z Generation Entrepreneurs
• Existing Business.

This is the event where colourful stalls would be set up throughout the campus to give the people attending the E-summit to buy interesting items. Various stalls ranging from food to jewellery would be setup to entertain the guests. E-Carnival would be a fair of various stalls. Sellers can set up their stalls and sell various interesting items throughout the event.

Start-up showcase is an event that provides amazing opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to present their creative ideas in front of a live audience. Practicality and innovation are essential to an new business idea to succeed and in this event, it is the key to the game. Participants have to come up with ideas for a business venture that are both creative and practical to accomplish. This event would be a competition of practical inventions. The participants have to come up with ideas for start- ups that are practical and innovative.


On day 2, we will pick up the Panel discussion that started on day 1. The discussion would be same as the day before with two sets and a duration of 90-120 minutes.

Internship gives you the experience of the real world of business. It’s essential to improve your knowledge of the inner working of the business through a learning experience that an Internship provides. This is a fair for the college students to help them find appropriate internships that help them learn and grow. This would give them an opportunity to put themselves out there in the real world and gain experience that would make them better in business. This fair would give multiple internship opportunities to the students who are always on the lookout to broaden their skill sets and improve their expertise.



• Content Creator/ Youtuber – Main stage
• Dance performance – Auditorium
• Band Performance – Main stage


• Comedy show – Auditorium
• Fashion show – Main stage
• Singer/Artist – Main stage


Startup showcase
Panel discussion- on both days
Internship fair

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Think, Believe, Create.

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