Insights of Research in Welding Engineering and Additive Manufacturing 2018, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Workshop, Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, 14th - 15th September 2018

  • Category: Workshop
  • Start Date: 14th September 2018
  • End Date: 15th September 2018
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Insights of Research in Welding Engineering and Additive Manufacturing 2018


Course Outline:
This workshop is designed for two days. The workshop will be conducted at Mepco Schlenk engineering college campus. This course will give deep perception of current situation available in manufacturing industries and R&D laboratories. Through this course, the participants may gain knowledge on introduction to welding, classifications of welding, advanced welding processes, applications of welding, and research aspects in welding and additive manufacturing in various organizations like Aerospace, Automobile, Biomedical, and Power Generation Sectors etc…


Welding is essential in industries such as the automotive industry, the construction industry and even the aviation industry. In fact, various forms of welding are needed in order to withstand the harsh oceanic weather conditions. After asking ‘What is welding?’ Most people will be surprised at the answer. This is because it may seem like a relatively simple question, but at the end of the day ‘What is welding?’ is a question that will be answered with a host of fascinating information.
In consumer-focused industries – such as sports equipment and consumer electronics – additive manufacturing is still nascent and finding applications that maximise the value of the technology can be a major challenge. While a focus on developing new AM technologies is important, understanding what novel things we can do with the technology is just as critical and often overlooked. This technology has penetrated every major industry from automotive, aerospace, defence, consumer products to medical and dental.
Ultimately, the key is to attract younger generations to the trade by educating them and encouraging them to get involved with programs that can offer insight into the industry.


Course Objectives:
 To impart fundamental knowledge on welding and their types, additive manufacturing.
 To create safety awareness during welding and additive manufacturing in industries.
 To impart knowledge on welding and additive manufacturing in research aspects.
 To educate participants about advanced welding processes, applications of welding, and the challenges available in welding and additive manufacturing.


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