DRESTEIN 17, Saveetha Engineering College, Technical and Management Festival, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 17th - 18th February 2017

  • Category: Technical and Management Festival
  • Start Date: 17th February 2017
  • End Date: 18th February 2017
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DRESTIEN is a National level Technical and Management Festival hosted by Saveetha Engineering College every year since it's conception in 2009 and is a sincere effort to quench the unabated thirst for knowledge. It took form as the brainchild of five people from different departments who advanced the proposal in the March of '09. The three day event teems with a galore of innovations and numerous opportunities to learn. It is a rostrum that encourages young and promising minds to take a jab at as many crazy notions as they can to create the impalpable and prove that innovation has no horizons! The tech fest is not just confined to engineers but also includes a deluge of management events. Come join us in taking the leap forward into the unfathomable world of innovations and tech through fun events, surprise slots, mock interviews and what not!


1. Barbeque
2. Be-ing-engineer
3. Mad-trix
4. Mission-Impossible
5. Pic-Catch-U
6. Thug Life
7. Convergance
8. DotSlash
9. Techila
10. Psycode
11. Bar Bending
12. Brick the Builder
13. Crack The Map
14. Jumpin Civil
15. Tender Quoting
16. Truss Masters
17. Sacco
18. Flick-‘R’- Trick-‘R’
19. Nado
20. Quicker Mania
21. Cabeca
22. Ic Burnout
23. Lend a lathe
24. Robowar
25. Destrate
26. FInal Destination
27. Labyrinth
28. Pictron
29. Techno Club
30. Tweet a tale


2. Automation & Mechatronics
3. Motorsports
4. Analysis Workshop
7. Sensors

How to reach Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai

Saveetha Engineering college

Saveetha Nagar,
Chennai-602 105,
TamilNadu, India.
Ph:+91 44 66726677, 66726672

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